/u/apathetic_radical is a total dick!

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0.8801 I have no idea what the context of the interview is but I sincerely hope they weren't speaking out against something extremely serious like government corruption.
0.8741 Better get my RetroPie overclocked so I can play all the old Dreamcast classics again - Powerstone was great!
0.8316 You know, rather than work it out for themselves like adults do perfectly well on a day to day basis?
0.8012 Nothing like a good dose of schaudenfraude to start the day - Sony's attempts to make this utter failure seem like a success are some of the most pathetically hilarious things I've seen this year
0.8 Excellent article - so much more sensible and intelligent than the horde of other media outlets rejoicing in Milo's ban, which says a lot about the quality of journalism these days
0.7781 Wow, if you can't be bothered to do some basic fact checking beyond Wikipedia, don't bother commenting on social issues at all.
0.6983 Flawless strategy, it's obvious why so many freelance poets run countries...oh, hold on...
0.6943 Sure, don't even bother attempting to engage with the majority ethnic group in the US.
0.6808 If 45% of the country chooses not to vote when having the opportunity, that's implicit approved of whatever decision is made.
0.6696 Hope they screen it in other Australian cities - I'll go for sure!
0.6369 Or let the downvoting system do what it does best

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-0.9501 African men are the warlords who recruit children to fight their wars, and use rape as a systematic weapon of horror in the Congo.
-0.8779 How pathetic - would the mods lock the thread if there was speculation that the perpetrator was a messianic Christian lunatic?
-0.835 So much sarcastic salt in there, such a shame for them that most people are likely to be on board with the Cologne police given the scale of the sexual assaults in 2015
-0.8271 Clinton might keep on pushing the media bullshit we've all come to despise, but I'd rather live with that than let some total retard run the world
-0.8176 Or avoids shoehorning every faddish piece of neo-marxist bullshit into discussion of a real, serious problem society faces.
-0.8176 What an absolute idiot - I hope the dev team just ignore her and similarly insane criticism that comes out of some people's mouthes
-0.8126 Fuck off and form your own non-cis-transgender-queer-wom*n's collective if you want people to be indoctrinated into your delusional bullshit
-0.8053 It might be the more expensive option, but it's also not an absolutely fucking stupid option like making everything into a bastardised unisex hybrid
-0.802 Fuck them and their medieval cult of hate
-0.7964 And if she's wrong, is it that difficult to just say "sorry, I got it wrong, be careful not to jump to conclusions in the future"?
-0.7861 Can't have people think there's more than one way to view the actions of this selfish idiot
-0.7845 I had to say no and move her away, which resulted in her becoming upset and crying .