/u/anuragc is very positive!

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0.8205 I'm not sure, but it pretty much sounds as good without the backing strings.
0.807 Wow, this is adorable!
0.7978 And inspiring :D Keep it up!
0.7978 :D You're lucky!
0.7935 It actually yes too sour without sugar, but tastes amazing with the fizz.
0.7783 I read it way back in 10th grade and was smitten by the beauty of it :) [Remember the roses]
0.7783 Tastes amazing to me :)
0.763 This is very cute haha
0.7579 Wow this definitely is creepy.
0.7469 I know that this is completely unrelated to the topic, but here's a beautiful short story based on Joan De Arc, called 'Remember the Roses'.
0.7417 This is so beautiful!

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-0.6808 Also check out his work from Two Steps from Hell.
-0.6696 I really wanna apply to this college so bad.
-0.521 I cannot express how amazing this looks on you!
-0.4588 And I'm jealous of your synthesia as a composer.
-0.4397 I don't have perfect pitch, but I can figure a song out by listening to it once or twice. I think perfect pitch is about naming the exact note/chord that is being played.
-0.3818 I disagree.
-0.3818 Scolding her brother was the thing that she regretted all her life .
-0.296 During the journey , she noticed that her brother was missing his shoes.
-0.2755 Couldn't agree more.
0.0 Oh I'm buying it for later.
0.0 Guys what do you think of the [Brooks Brothers Milton Pea Coat]?
0.0 They're having their semi annual sale, and I'm thinking of getting it.