/u/anotherdawkins is kind of a dick.

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0.8313 Oh sweet Jeebus I wish that were true!
0.8074 Better chance of winning the lottery.
0.7712 It sure was a great time to be a 12 year old boy!
0.7506 He was hand fed his wealth.
0.6848 Everyone focuses on the birds excitement, but the girl is FAR more excited by this.
0.6652 Didn't catch much but had a couple strong bites.
0.6369 Best learning experience ever.
0.6249 Can't say I've heard of many great whites eating people.
0.6124 Please seek help.
0.6124 This is the shit I've been waiting for.
0.6124 Do you not read the shit you post yourself?

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.901 I didn't bring any more assholes into the world, so none of this shit will be my problem much longer.
-0.8336 It's the biggest dumbass on the internet, out of his safe space. Is being so stupid difficult?
-0.802 But I choose to believe it was deliberate by the sculptor after taking a shitty job to produce a statue of a shitty human.
-0.7906 People that spend too much money on stupid shit for the name on it.
-0.7717 None of that shit matters moron.
-0.7717 And that is Clinton, as bad as that is. Plus, haven't the Republicans done enough damage in the last 20 years?
-0.765 You fail to realize that the longer the investigation takes the worse it is going to be.
-0.7579 Now, getting ass-raped nightly in prison for the rest of your miserable life?
-0.7184 I hate having to talk to morons anyway.
-0.7184 He shows classics signs of narcissistic personality disorder, and is a pathological liar.
-0.7096 That's because you are gullible and stupid.
-0.7003 And has bragged about sexually assaulting women. But all that aside, he is unstable.