/u/anotherdawkins is a total dick!

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0.8313 Oh sweet Jeebus I wish that were true!
0.7269 Pretty easy.
0.7269 Trump has long claimed Epstein as a good friend.
0.6705 Umm, pretty sure the whole "indictment coming soon" thing got debunked as bs.
0.6124 Please seek help.
0.6114 It is excellent!
0.5719 Even if he wins he won't ever take office.
0.5551 That's so cute!
0.5423 I'd say teleport one straight into Putin's ass, but he'd probably enjoy it.
0.5267 Then the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled, was convincing us all he was God.
0.4685 And was pretty much considered closed long before that. Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of.

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-0.8689 All the crap the FBI twitter thing is releasing is old and has been investigated to death before and no charges came of it.
-0.8336 It's the biggest dumbass on the internet, out of his safe space. Is being so stupid difficult?
-0.8176 The burden of proof is on the fools who deny facts.
-0.7783 Trump is racist, sexist, misogynistic and lies with every other word out of his mouth.
-0.7717 None of that shit matters moron.
-0.7717 And that is Clinton, as bad as that is. Plus, haven't the Republicans done enough damage in the last 20 years?
-0.7717 Arguing with them just fuel's their insanity.
-0.7579 There are only a few hundred of you morons that doubt it, because you have some form of mental illness.
-0.7269 I could post videos of everything Trump has said or done easily. How pathetic, using that bullshit as proof.
-0.7184 He shows classics signs of narcissistic personality disorder, and is a pathological liar.
-0.7055 Trump has 75 pending court cases, none of them the sexual assault allegations except the raping a 13 year old. I don't like Hillary, but Trump is psychotic.
-0.7003 And has bragged about sexually assaulting women. But all that aside, he is unstable.