/u/anabeingbored is very positive!

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0.9505 I can't think of any interesting questions, but that's so cool wow :) Are you gonna interview him personally, as in actually meeting him?
0.9217 I don't know anything about copyright, but that's an awesome idea :D
0.9042 That's wonderful, and you sound like such a sweet partner :)
0.8922 They've been getting quite a lot of attention lately so you've probably at least heard of them and the new album, but old stuff is great too :)
0.866 I'd say he reminds me of Ed Sheeran, but he is really good :)
0.8583 I really enjoy their "two guys talking" style and I'm for some reason really interested in their opinions on flags, watches and other stuff even though I'm not interested in all of those things.
0.836 Kinda lines up with your username :) I hope you find her, that would make for a cute story.
0.8176 I'm pretty sure it was :)
0.802 I love how you're bobbing along with the camera :)
0.7964 Wanted to say exactly that :) they're great
0.7906 Hello :) thank you so much, I do still have a few questions though. I wanted to say something like: A lot of work in school started a week ago.

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-0.6801 That's upsetting, I'm getting really worried now.
-0.5423 I'm literally the same, this is getting bad
-0.4767 even the smell is terrible.
-0.4404 b..b..but spotify is not available in my country :(
-0.4019 She just sounds so agressive about her opinions and doesn't have any actual arguments?
-0.34 Take the blame for anything.
-0.3291 Sorry if it's a stupid question, but how do you print a shirt at home?
-0.287 It was funny at first, but people keep mentioning it for some reason and it's now kinda annoying tbh.
-0.2484 Does everybody else's stream also look really weird blocky and green?
-0.1511 That's not related to top at all.
-0.1232 I'm not sure, I did check and priscope seems to be the thing that submarines use for looking out of the water, but I can't correct my teacher who gave us this title?
-0.1027 Not sure about the nose, but there are a couple of shirts I keep stealing from him and we did both grow at home. Not selling any candles though :)