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0.9427 Yeah its the corsair polaris, I know leds aren't for everyone, but it is a really good surface to use :) I prefer hard plastic mouse pads to cloth ones and it seemed great.
0.9395 Thanks :D I got it off a second hand site for just 30 By far my best purchase!
0.9339 I really like them :) good sound and easy to set up aswell :)
0.9293 They sound really good :) the separate control on the sub really helps control the levels well too :)
0.9153 It's a 4k screen, text is great, I just changed a few settings in Windows to maximise the clarity :) been using it now for about a year and a half :)
0.8934 I've used them in the past yes, honestly though this TV does perfectly fine by me.
0.8903 It's really nice :) it could be a little bigger so my little finger doesn't drag as much but it's never really bothered me :)
0.8785 Ahh wow, I know it's never going to be as low as a monitor, but for me it's perfect :) I don't do competitive gaming or anything of the sort.
0.8756 Obviously I know not all games support sli but thankfully, as you know, 1 card can hold its own pretty damm well.
0.8658 Haha I know it's not everyone's taste but aside from the rgb it's a nice surface :)
0.8631 I really like it :) and with the software you can program each button to basically whatever you want :)

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-0.636 No problem!
-0.5994 I also have no problem with my client
-0.5096 The TV has a built in mode that reduces response times to 9ms, I just tweaked the colours after as by default they didn't look great.
-0.4019 The tis however handle 4k a hell of alot better.
-0.357 When I'm sitting at the desk you can't see them :)
-0.3253 Your definetly not don't worry!
-0.3182 Apologies for the delay.
-0.2977 I've had that for about a year and a half and had absolutely no problems :)
-0.25 Theres 4 screws under the feet.
-0.2023 There are 4 screw under the feet and then the Allen screw that all need removing.
-0.1353 Ironically I never play as a healer because I'm absolutely awful at it xD
-0.1326 And I've had the TV a year and a half and it's never bothered me :)