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0.9427 Yeah its the corsair polaris, I know leds aren't for everyone, but it is a really good surface to use :) I prefer hard plastic mouse pads to cloth ones and it seemed great.
0.9325 Thanks man, its a great chip that has done brilliantly for everything I've thrown at it :)
0.9293 They sound really good :) the separate control on the sub really helps control the levels well too :)
0.9153 It's a 4k screen, text is great, I just changed a few settings in Windows to maximise the clarity :) been using it now for about a year and a half :)
0.9069 At first I was concerned it would be too close but to be completely honest it's perfect.
0.8934 I've used them in the past yes, honestly though this TV does perfectly fine by me.
0.8785 Ahh wow, I know it's never going to be as low as a monitor, but for me it's perfect :) I don't do competitive gaming or anything of the sort.
0.8756 Obviously I know not all games support sli but thankfully, as you know, 1 card can hold its own pretty damm well.
0.8689 Not sure exactly what you would want for it, but feel free to let me know when you have a price in mind, I might be interested
0.8612 Thank you :) it has taken me a really long time xD
0.8442 My best advice would be to clear the cmos, and also unplug and replug everything back in just to make sure everything is properly seated.

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-0.8883 Man i wanted one of those cards so bad when they came out just for the colour scheme, its a shame they didn't keep doing it :(
-0.7317 Sorry that i cant help any further, weirdly it only started for me after i did a full reinstall too :/
-0.6515 Didn't even think to check, which is really bad considering how much stuff I buy from there :L Thanks man, gonna go with an 8320
-0.636 No problem!
-0.6359 That game made me want to get a pc so bad.
-0.5994 I also have no problem with my client
-0.5859 Somthing somewhere is making it faulty, I heavily doubt it's your chip and the RAM wouldn't cause what's happening.
-0.5719 As you could have a faulty board :/
-0.481 My parents have recently had this problem with an old Samsung tv of there's.
-0.4782 Afraid not but thanks for the offer
-0.4767 My PC has recently been doing this, it goes to the shutting down screen at the same speed i remember, but from there takes alot longer to actually shut down than it used to :/
-0.3818 The h440 is classed as a mid tower :) I would double check you dimensions as I had a hell of a job gett both of mine into the case.