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0.9403 In your opinion, what makes for a great short story? And, thank you for inviting me to Unfettered IIit's an honour to sit alongside those other terrific authors.
0.8834 It was a groomsman's gift from my best friend.
0.8122 I highly recommend checking out the rest of his gallery. Thanks for all the support, r/fantasy.
0.8018 Tor.com Publishing's focus is novellas, where Tor Books focuses on novels, but it looks like Tor.com is now pushing into novels, so it'll be interesting to see where things go.
0.796 I just really liked Sam's Pathfinder novel, and I think he's exploring interesting topics as he digs into his experience writing tie-in fiction.
0.765 Sarah Gailey's a great new voice. If you like this, check out some of her fiction, including this recent story: https://devilfishreview.com/issue-seventeen/of-blood-and-bronze-by-sarah-gailey/
0.7543 Similarly, *The Shadow Rising* is the best volume in *Wheel of Time*, but there's still a lot of good reading after that.
0.75 Thanks for hosting this AMA, Shawn! As an editor and author, you've had your hand in a lot of short fiction.
0.743 For what it's worth, Sykes' novel, Shy Knives, is a great entry point for the Pathfinder Tales novels.
0.7424 Excellent novel!
0.7351 I got my first Gameboy when I was kid, with Tetris and Super Mario Land, and have been a fan of the system ever since.

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-0.7811 Their prices are in USD, but they're based out of Quebec, so no customs charges and quick shipping within Canada.
-0.7506 I had some trouble getting the wire to stay connected to the battery's negative output.
-0.6124 Ethereal Tu M offers Farid passage through the mountains, but at a cost: defeat the warlock Wu-jiu, who holds the village of TtHsiung in her blood-soaked fist.
-0.5994 But between here and there are highways crawling with rebels, and a range of sky-scraping mountains riddled with blood ghosts, k-dan, and worse.
-0.5719 You're supposed to hate Kyle.
-0.528 *Elfstones* is certainly my favourite of the *Shannara* series, and its high water mark, but that's not to say that many of the novels that follow aren't good and worth reading on their own.
-0.4767 Oh, Bolas, what are you doing to that poor pyramid?
-0.4767 It gets worse.
-0.4767 Then it gets way worse.
-0.4767 And then, believe it or not, it gets way, way worse.
-0.4215 The Lies of Locke Lamora was actually written by Scott Lynch's sandwich, which he named "Scott Lunch."
-0.3367 Somehow, I was completely unaware that The Silmarillion was also published in 1977!