/u/adamm4231 is kind of a dick.

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0.79 They still haven't killed Thordan Ex and they consider glamour "endgame"
0.7884 To be honest there needs to be more restrictions on glamour.
0.7759 So i can feel superior while i mop the floor with the corpses of "glamour endgame players" because nidhogg normal is hard
0.7717 Vengeance is great for soaking big hits on bosses and pairing it with bloodbath on big trash pulls helps a lot.
0.7003 I feel like flash is pretty useless as overpower is way better and second wind at least gives you another self heal.
0.6908 I like to queue with my friend who is just learning to tank while i heal him.
0.5841 I'm helpful this way but at the same time not wasting a ton of time doing for the billionth time.
0.5106 Fell cleaves are fun
0.5106 To be honest though, this beginning of this game is a crucible.
0.4754 I really liked western highlands when i was leveling.
0.4404 It actually gave me a sense of being out in the wilderness better than any other zone has ever done.

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-0.9209 Im not gonna answer every question but i will say this.....If i have to go through another raid tier while listening to that same tired ass music, i will go insane.
-0.8126 I hate it....I hate it more than the female sundrop dance.
-0.765 I cant count how many times Ive seen melee dps refuse to aoe when i pull a ton of mobs or watch as the healer just sits there while literally no damage is being done.
-0.7351 In the character creator it sounded like a Roegadyn but get into a battle and its this impossibly annoying NUUUU noise
-0.7184 You're not being toxic, you're just sick of your back hurting from how much you have to carry....
-0.7003 You may have noticed that 99% of mentors are crappy players and have no idea what they are doing.
-0.6705 Warrior is all about using berserk at big damage dealing moments and pairing it with fell cleaves for big critical hits.
-0.6486 Take one of the most infamous bosses in all of Final Fantasy and put it into.......brain dead 24 man content.
-0.5994 Looks like shit, ill pass
-0.5994 After the drop ill inner beast and use convalesence for the the little bit of heal.
-0.5968 Im not sure how your static does that part but we usually only have our WHM healing while our SCH does dps so we can push the first fight faster.
-0.5859 Most healers will just stand there while minuscule damage is being done and Im on the verge of falling asleep because any type of cleaves or aoes period from mobs just dont happen.