/u/aconcernedpal is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8313 they definitely look like fun!
0.8221 super sexy!
0.8221 Super sexy!
0.8172 Certainly looks like fun to me!
0.8172 oh my goodness, I love your nipples!
0.8126 I'd love to take care of them once you get off
0.8016 This young guy would love to help out with that!
0.8016 looks super cute!
0.8016 super cute!
0.8016 Looking super cute!
0.7959 Only a hint of it but I love your hair!

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.7088 that's a hell of a view!
-0.6825 And they look so terribly soft
-0.5423 sit down on my cock so we can get dirty again?
-0.5423 that ass got too real too fast
-0.5423 your ass is just unreal...
-0.5267 seems you're missing someone behind you, no?
-0.4334 I really want to suck on those!
-0.3818 Want me to suck on it for you?
-0.3117 I really want to fuck your handful ;)
-0.296 please sit that ass on this 19yo's face
-0.2263 Maybe we could solve each other's problem?
-0.1761 this is an incredibly hard choice