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0.9236 When I came back I saw that yeah, it's you haha, so thanks for the feature, it's really great.
0.807 Great, thanks!
0.7964 We also have a pretty good bunch of survival abilities.
0.7838 Don't visit them or donate enough money so they can afford not showing ads. Stop whining and deal with it, it's a free service and it's still fantastic.
0.7579 I'd say don't touch your alts, focus on your main and finish the Pathfinder achievements, it will make your alt play great.
0.7184 We had auras, what can be better that a passive which granted advantages that no other class had? Also Hammer of Wrath.
0.6705 I think with both followers I have a +50% chance bonus.
0.6588 Yeah, I think it's because I hopped to a PvP server, I'm so used to WQGF that I didn't think of it. Thanks!
0.6486 Oh I didn't noticed it, that voice at the end sounded just like Sabine Scherer. Nice catch on that ledge.
0.6447 I used to play with a 5770 and I had to use between 1 and 5 quality, so yeah, you need an upgrade.
0.6131 Was playing great when invasion started, logged out to play my alt and got kicked with "Character not found", awesome timing.

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-0.8316 I remember when hearing the murloc taunt meant having a heart attack from seeing a million of them coming to kill you.
-0.7971 I just can't get how people actually get mad over a fucking game, I want to punch that asshole so bad right now.
-0.743 Uy por favor, no no y no, se supone que hoy deberan pararte si no llevas patente ni casco que por algo son ley usarlos, lo que hay que hacer es controlar las reglas actuales, no agregar ms.
-0.6486 Then one day dropped, waited 10 minutes for the slime until I decided to join a random group with server hop and there he was, I killed it alone and on to fishing.
-0.6249 Dino Crisis 1 en la PlayStation 1, haba momentos que me haca saltar de la cama.
-0.5267 Yo iba de acompaante y en ese instante pude ver la cara de terror puro en la gente que estaba ah esperando.
-0.5267 Si, se puede. No, no lo hagas, es ilegal y podes ir en cana.
-0.5267 En el caso que la bandera no la izen directamente los pibes, igualmente quedan expuestos a eso por mas que no los identifique.
-0.5106 Guess I won't be the only one hating this game in 3 days.
-0.5106 Those unit/party frames are sick, which addon is it?
-0.4885 The minute or two after the accident you feel nothing, I broke my ankle 3 months ago and within the first minute my feet went full numb.
-0.3612 But yeah, be prepared for the next couple of minutes because you'll meet hell itself.