/u/_plaguedog_ is a total dick!

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0.7964 It's like 25 minutes away and is a good representation of what central NY is all about- an interesting hybrid of style, ingenuity, and dirt-chicken-ness.
0.7717 As far as the "straight white dudes" comment is concerned, it seems pretty clear that it was made in regard this sub specifically.
0.7414 When there is so much amazing beer out there, why not make some decisions based on sentimentality?
0.6369 His promos are average at best.
0.6369 Just wondering if anyone might give me some insight on how to schedule these hop additions for greater clarity in terms of flavor.
0.6249 He's awesome.
0.5719 Many of us have attached happy memories to past iterations of the product which has skewed our understanding of the very nature of the WWE.
0.5688 Consumers SHOULD be making their decisions based on more than affection.
0.4404 The complexity, breadth, and depth of its grodiness are truly mind-blowing.
0.3612 That's what 50 looks like?
0.3612 Sounds like it's back to the ol' drawing board.

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-0.9313 To suggest that calling language violence is insulting to individuals who have experienced physical violence, the strawman argument of "eye contact").
-0.8591 Say what you will about overpopulation, giving meat to villagers or whatever but the fact is that this situation occurred because the guide's clients wanted to kill for the fun of killing.
-0.8555 To suggest that damage done by language is somehow less valid because the pain associated is not physical is reductive to the point of ludicrousness.
-0.7717 I remember Brian Myers and Colt Cabana talking about Balls on AOW and shit sounded real sad.
-0.7096 A willingness to exploit those specific power dynamics and the negative feelings attached does indeed make you a racist, mysogynist, or whatever other -ist there is out here.
-0.7096 Shit is boring.
-0.6908 Cassady is cool and all but basically everything Hogan says just comes across as an excruciatingly long fart sound to me.
-0.6369 In fact, identifying as a non-racist and knowingly making racist comments simply to wound is even worse because, according to you, you know fuckin' better.
-0.6266 Just because he's an idiot doesn't mean she isn't one as well.
-0.6249 Much of racism stems from latent hypocrisy.
-0.5994 The reason this article is being discussed is because the dude's death was unusual. Durr.
-0.5719 It should be understandable that people deride killing solely for entertainment as was the case here.