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0.9596 Idk, if I could give myself advice I probably wouldn't follow it anyway lmao, but: - Try to have a good work ethic, so like if you have coursework, DO IT TO A GREAT STANDARD.
0.91 I'm gonna try the best I can do in this paper and then just grind maths over the holiday, hopefully I'll score better on my other two papers ...
0.8807 best of luck mate :)
0.872 Look at Mr Bruff's channel, he does videos for AQA but I'm pretty sure you'll be able to apply tips to Edexcel as well
0.8689 Omg ahahahah this is too funny I had [this exact same thought yesterday], glad to know I'm not the only one lmao, how have we made it this far into year 11?
0.8585 TBH it sounds like you're good at language so hopefully you get the grade you want!
0.8544 Which is why nazi party + other extremist parties became muy popular !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
0.8473 TBH I'm not from Wales so I'd recommend speaking to someone in your school if you're still worried and they'll do a better job of reassuring you :)
0.8357 Lmao you're so lucky, those who do triple science with AQA had their unit 3 exams straight after their unit 2...
0.8347 Looks so nice, thank you :)
0.8197 Lmao don't worry I was doubting myself as well, wtf it's the easy things that always get you init?

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-0.8458 Omg sick I just guessed it, I acc need timings so bad otherwise I flop, thanks!!
-0.7845 Unfortunately I don't think AQA will do that which is a shame because as someone below said it was just a mistake anybody could've made.
-0.6808 Fml tho, started writing question 5 , realised I couldn't remember any 1933 - 1934 and said fuck it, I wasted one page on that as well ahahha
-0.6539 :')) I fully lost like 5 marks on multiple choice, WTF MAN
-0.6486 Shit man I'm in the same dilemma.
-0.6486 As they got off, the boy looked at her and "with her trembling lip she broke off into a choir of sobs". Quite cheeky if I do say so myself.
-0.6369 However if they relate how Mr Birling and Mrs Birling both were cruel they would probably get marks for mentioning Mrs Birling, idk tho.
-0.636 No problem!
-0.6124 Same rip </3
-0.6107 I wouldn't say revise but tbh I have found my summer so boring.
-0.5859 Wtf legit what I did, will it still count tho?
-0.5216 Occupation of the Ruhr in January 1923 due to a missed payment in December 1922!!!!!