/u/ZumoDeApple is very positive!

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0.9081 New girl is kinda corny and cheesy but i like it, brooklyn 99 is also pretty funny
0.8999 You look like the type of guy who makes others laugh easily and is generally really caring.
0.8997 Yeah same I finished watching season 1 like 5 months ago and couldn't be bothered to keep watching but it's pretty good now
0.8834 straight up looking like a goddess, you look beautiful in this :)
0.8824 I love the last picture, your hair looks soo nice in it and the colour of your shirt really suits you :)
0.8519 Take an easier approach and write something like "You feel like staying in bed" or smting like that.
0.8442 But it's great and has good flow, well done
0.8439 Thank you, glad you had fun!
0.8356 :) Thanks for your help!
0.8304 you're so cute, i love ur sense of style too
0.8271 Everyone needs a friend like you :)

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8356 And no worries if it feels a bit awkward or forced at first, everything will fall into place !
-0.687 I'm not sure if this qualifies, however you could take a "poetic" approach and incorporate pathetic fallacy into it.
-0.6793 So therefore it would've been really hard for us to figure out who died over the 7 month break!
-0.6442 However I'm not sure if this is a mandela effect or just my brain failing me since I know someone irl whose surname is Sherwood.
-0.5362 whats wrong??
-0.5193 These short sentences may also insinuate he's thinking about the relationship with his mum, almost as if he's weighing the pros and cons. The overall *tone* is quite excited but also fearful.
-0.5103 "Life ain't picture perfect, we use the negatives to develop" and also "What the fuck is sunshine without a little rain?"
-0.4767 Crying by Roy Orbison
-0.438 Yea it's been hyped up loads but I've never been interested in that.
-0.3931 Thanks so much and no worries about finishing it!
-0.3612 You can also use No Fear Shakespeare to get a better understanding of the scene.
-0.3595 No, banana, don't jump!