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0.9246 True true, all good points, thanks :)
0.91 I'm gonna try the best I can do in this paper and then just grind maths over the holiday, hopefully I'll score better on my other two papers ...
0.8807 best of luck mate :)
0.8439 Thank you, glad you had fun!
0.8271 He's being held down by his mum but he wants to be free, like a kite.
0.8074 Thank you, looks nice :)
0.802 Right, cool, thanks :)
0.7964 that helps, thank you :)
0.7935 I don't think so because you can get marks for SPAG and I think they may mark you down on that, idk but better safe than sorry
0.7906 Ok thanks, primrose kitten also did a "maths in 2 hours", probably will watch tomorrow and let you know if it's good
0.7861 I know context doesn't award you loads of marks but it's better to have some just in case :)

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-0.8519 Shakespeare presents Lady Macbeth as going insane due to killing Duncan to avoid any further plots against the King.
-0.8402 Regicide is killing the king, an uncanny sin during the Jacobean era .
-0.8398 How is it that my dumb ass is gonna forget about other boards Did it go aright?!
-0.7964 I KNOW MANNNN, but I made my table and started writing cons before writing the title con if you get me so then I couldn't be arsed to rewrite it the right way.... Basically I know I fucked up Sry
-0.7543 Nvm, I thought you were on about the very last question :) I'm not sure what I wrote but I think I fucked it.
-0.6705 Lanyon is shocked and repulsed at the sight of Mr.
-0.636 No problem!
-0.5994 If you were to learn about Macduff, you could compare his reaction to his wife's death vs how Macbeth reacts to his wife.
-0.5994 Hyde ultimately leads to his death.
-0.5719 For example: "Ape-like fury" .
-0.5193 These short sentences may also insinuate he's thinking about the relationship with his mum, almost as if he's weighing the pros and cons. The overall *tone* is quite excited but also fearful.
-0.4577 My brain fucked that too don't worry