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0.9432 Satisfied Rock Class 101 subscriber here, loving this week's lesson as always however, after the last few lessons, I'd also love some great, well-known TV tune, rock/pop song or whatever again ...
0.9329 I love this aspect, too my goal is to be able to play beautiful tunes like the one you've linked, not only a dumbed down single notes melody line of a singing voice.
0.9271 You *can* be proud of the note highway indeed because it really is a great new, innovative, yes: probably better approach unfortunately just not so much for me in practice.
0.9036 Wow - thanks a lot, highly appreciated!!!
0.8883 I'm also using brown Worths on my tenor ukuleles, they feel great and I love the warm sound!
0.8807 If you find the time to tab it out for us, thanks a lot in advance, otherwise I'll just enjoy listening to your great arrangement.
0.8805 Love it, thanks for sharing!
0.8718 Beautiful, thanks for sharing!
0.8658 I like this, thanks a lot for sharing, really like it a lot.
0.8622 Great job, I love it!
0.8615 Enjoyed this very much, thanks for sharing!

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-0.8149 It's not that Apple gloriously proved critics wrong, on the contrary.
-0.8126 Worst pain in the chest imaginable.
-0.6597 Playing in a small bar and if you suck too much, the angry mob starts booing and throwing bottles at you ...
-0.6124 After the current gigantic rise I would be careful as hell though to still jump on the rain.
-0.5994 no problem here concerning that.
-0.5106 I feel your pain from own experience.
-0.5106 $309,99. What a disappointment.
-0.4782 I would give *anything* to have a tab view option within the game, too, but I guess there isn't much hope for this, even in the next version of Rocksmith ...
-0.4767 As sad as this may be.
-0.4767 But again, I may be wrong with a lot of the others, not very familiar with the prices overall.
-0.4512 (Doesn't help that the Riff Repeater, when you press "pause" always hides the freezed screen with its overlaid menu.
-0.4404 But maybe I just forgot about this scene in the book - in this case I'm the fool I guess.