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0.9645 Loving the Kimchi description and anything with Galbi is always the best but stews are often the best way to enjoy korean food :)
0.9275 Smashed - I don't know if it was a "love" movie per say, but the love, albeit dysfunctional love, between these two is almost strong enough to ruin there chances at life.
0.9259 In a good location there's good food all around, and some amazing food is an interesting and totally worth the trek far out location.
0.9177 I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit and thanks for thinking of us; we hope to see you again!
0.9136 Peace & Relaxation for my family ^^ my restaurant closes for the holidays so it should be a peaceful morning.
0.9081 Love your even funner idea, it gives their heart a little race first and then Surprise this is actually a good thing not a ticket.
0.8832 At the bottom the "34 Other Ways To Give Back This Holiday Season!" has some easy and obvious suggestions, like an uplifting reminder of things that are good that you can do.
0.8762 but i've heard alot about this book and I know the show was amazing, wish I had it too!
0.8625 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AarpBS2L6Pg here's an example of some efficient creative and beautiful giftwrapping Bojagi style.
0.8439 Fantastic Link - without it I'd be going to r/askreddit asking redditors the best way to ask reddit a question!
0.8316 They've been open in this community for a long time and our family has seen a lot of happy customers leaving with great hair.

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-0.6124 I only heard about it afterwards, couldn't see the video online because it's blocked for my location :(
-0.6113 Headaches - Is so sad how many people consider this a regular part of life.
-0.5574 Last Comment: "Bistromathics" As Last Words Context: The reason I died; waiting for a large group to decide how to split the bill at a restaurant.
-0.5423 Who's the sworn enemy?
-0.4188 Fallen trees and large limbs are a risk so why not just cut them all down?
-0.4173 So they ignore the cause or can't fix the cause and live with the headaches.
-0.3612 or maybe something a la freaky friday style where somehow the adults have to go to highschool again...
-0.3612 No stealth marketing here, just really surprised/overjoyed to see this.
-0.357 The concept I wanted to post is not exactly clear; I apologize.
-0.3451 I am completely at loss for the meaning behind a paper thin yellow plastic; you're exclamation point is exciting but I'm not sure what it means any clarifications would tickle my curiosity bug!
-0.3182 That confuses me.
-0.3182 it bothered me more than it should have...