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0.9393 Having a great day; hope you're having a good day too. Glad to be able to help you know your ask reddit post worked by commenting.
0.9337 Nothing beats mom's cooking ^ ^ The drinks mixes are great, add a bit of this and a dash of that and delicious health in hand that certainly beats boring old water :)
0.9153 nice, love the vague choices generated with quality imagery; it feels like I'm always one generate click away from finding a perfect quote ...
0.9136 The Great Canadian Lumberjack show blends humour, heroics and showmanship to create an unforgettable experience.
0.8748 We love many of the same things :) You're belly must like you!
0.8682 The goal of this event is to raise awareness on the topic of eye care, vision problems, and winners will receive a $100 prize!!!
0.8271 Ha, the sarcasm is strong, loving the k infront of everything.
0.8268 Thanks for the clear answers, very informative and way better phrased than my question was!
0.8228 I'd like to provide a good driver that same little bonus beyond just a rating.
0.8122 Best Answer Ever ^ ^ couldn't have summarized it better and kimchi is a second nature/language to me!
0.81 It's a great example of a post that would be good for this subreddit; although it is not necessarily 100% about a piece of art or art show but it is creative related and local.

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-0.5423 what an incredibly named reddit; too bad to see it full of seo.
-0.4767 in the tracks on the road are worse every year at centre st and crosby st crossings.
-0.4696 Fairly unsafe compared to how smooth it could be; aslo being delayed 20 minutes for a hundred empty train ?carts?
-0.3802 Kelp!' ----- * discussion: googled 'Seaweed Kelp Whale Fail' and found an ocean related joke list https://wordsinmocean.com/2012/03/20/ocean-jokes/
-0.3612 Sorry about missing that and posting similar local news version / link.
-0.34 A lot of industries unfortunately do this; the mindset there is completely off and needs fixing so that a tip is not given for an ethical/guilt/sufferingofothers type of reason.
-0.3182 was having a similar conversation that included the annoyance of looking up GTA stuff and finding more about the game than the location.
-0.3182 I'm a touch confused.
-0.3164 What does seaweed say when its stuck at the bottom of the sea? ... 'Kelp!
-0.2263 I over heard a conversation with 2 people trying to figure this out, I didn't hear their conclusion but **I'm curious what methods and madness people apply to figure this out**.
-0.1759 :o I did not even see that!
-0.1091 :O I should have led with asking reddit what the first thing that comes to mind when someone says fermented foods to see how that plays out!