/u/Youngblackandsexy is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9086 :D Thanks everyone, you guys are the best!
0.8988 I love how you're always so pleased with yourself :)
0.8585 Also, I know we can't see your tattoos very clearly but I love tattoos!
0.8478 Wow, great body!
0.8438 I'm not very good with tools but you're perfectly dressed for laying down pipe :p
0.8402 Super cute, you pull off Velma well
0.8398 Happy birthday gorgeous!
0.8316 Wow, gorgeous photo.
0.8126 I'm glad you like it <3
0.8126 You are seriously beautiful and I love that lipstick
0.8074 You have gorgeous hair whether it's curled or free

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6597 Your body is crazy, i'm jealous.
-0.5719 I actually hate my hair in this picture.
-0.5574 It was just crappy eating and minimal exercise.
-0.5095 I'm so jealous of her hair.
-0.34 Your body is crazy
-0.3167 I highly doubt you'll be forever alone with a body like that.
-0.296 No, I don't have my own sub.
-0.296 Feet are feet there's no major difference except for the color.
-0.2584 5'6", I'm not that tall :p
-0.1779 I spent 20 minutes trying to control it then I just said fuck it lol.
-0.1531 God damn woman
-0.1531 Well damn, girl.