/u/Yatsutora is kind of a dick.

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0.9177 They should just rely on charity and hope people are nice enough to make sure they don't die?
0.7816 You're not even saying that women can't be dangerous, but that because men are more dangerous, it's okay to be afraid of men.
0.772 If he's not going to hurt her and they're going in the same direction, why should he feel obligated to make sure she doesn't fear him?
0.7684 She worked 2-3 jobs in addition to welfare but she managed to care for us. Do you think she was 'rewarded' with getting enough money to allow us to live?
0.7676 There's a difference between being considerate and obliging to people stereotyping you because of your gender or sex. I'm not going to rape anyone.
0.743 Clear example, Vegeta's final flash against perfect cell.
0.714 The point is asking why you distinguish between hetero and homo sexual couples if not only are they equivalent in taking care of their children, but gay couples have been shown to be better?
0.6908 This is the way of the old America, which is currently dying under liberal oppression. You act like it's possible for everyone to succeed in America.
0.6486 If it is truly nurture, or societal upbringing that gives us these ideas, why not change them?
0.6249 The Barbary is awesome.
0.5956 Also, "breaking his limiter" doesn't mean unlimited strength. The truth is the best we can go by is feats.

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-0.891 Do you think that because some people abuse the system that others should die for their mistakes?
-0.8883 Most rapes are done by someone the rape victim/survivor knows.
-0.8658 But I'd rather be cautious than risk getting hurt. That's bullshit.
-0.8641 That's fine with me, but to make it so a specific gender has to bear the burden for what some people of their gender have done is bullshit.
-0.8625 I ask you, seriously, why saying trusting your instincts by fearing men is any different than those who are racist and xenophobic and are scared of muslims, blacks, and foreigners.
-0.8548 It's possible that the destruction of a universe is impossible, so in no universe can it be destroyed.
-0.8316 I understand that rapists are horrible.
-0.8225 Charity accounted for all the current socialist/communist bullshit policies we have in place. So essentially you're saying 'fuck the children' if their parents are poor?
-0.7845 No, it's murder.
-0.7787 I am less dangerous than most women-but because of my gender people would avoid me and suggest that I respond to other people's fears.
-0.7717 If you mean anyone that could possibly harm a woman, then women should fear every single person on Earth.
-0.7717 Other than prevent those I know from doing crime, how can I influence the situation of gender prejudice?