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0.8402 Luckily, we can turn it off and enjoy games like regular people.
0.8176 Seems like our guy friends know us better than we know ourselves.
0.802 I had friends point out to me how every girl I liked had a huge rack.
0.765 Just got done with a conversation in which we both admitted that we don't really hang out with friends outside of school because we don't have many friends outside of school.
0.7437 I don't mind shaking the Wiimote to make something happen, but I'd honestly rather just twiddle around a Dpad or joystick and achieve the same goals.
0.743 Played Super Mario Bros 3D Land with the 3D on, I couldn't keep it on for more than half a minute before I had a fucking migraine.
0.6908 Wish me luck, I'm going in.
0.6597 On the bright side, it gave the rise to quality control in video games, things like nintendo's golden seal of quality.
0.6369 Pokemon Sun & Moon beat out Call of Duty as Gamestop's best selling game.
0.6318 She fucking kissed my hand for no reason other than "just because".
0.6269 Even today, they are so popular in North America that they always end up under stocking the market and leave huge shortages .

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-0.9186 GlaDOS is not engaging in perfectly fine science, she's torturing live humans for fucked up science.
-0.8979 7th and 9th grades were the worst times of my life, both times I had terrible classes and fell into depression.
-0.8807 Which confuses the hell out of me, why bring back a product that was considered a failure by a lot of people?
-0.875 Caitlyn killed one person, Hitler killed tens of millions.
-0.8259 As someone with low self esteem who doesn't like to delve too deep into my personal life unless it's with someone I am very close to, I hated these assignments
-0.8176 Even threatened suicide in 9th grade.
-0.8126 He was literally going around with a sharpie coloring in sonic's arms the way they looked in the originals, and when an employee confronted him, he got mad and assaulted the worker.
-0.8074 It's annoying as hell.
-0.7906 I had people lie about me, I had people mock me, and if I recall correctly, one kid threatened to punch me for no reason.
-0.7876 The New 3DS fixed that, but by then, the appeal of the 3D was dead.
-0.7579 To make it worse the person they targeted had committed suicide.
-0.7579 Lusamine shows a blatant disregard for human and Pokmon life, willing to end the world for her fucked up motives.