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0.9124 What about Super Mario Sunshine, Pokemon XD, Kirby's Airride, and Smash Bros Melee?"
0.875 I remember my mom had to take me to get an ultrasound, and I was super happy because I got to be late to school and play my gameboy in the car.
0.8271 Compared to the shit that happened last week, this is a big success.
0.7964 I could see it on the 3DS with the gyroscope, but the switch seems like a better bet.
0.765 Pretty sure she was invited and well received too.
0.7184 Then support the construction of memorials to Union heroes and slaves.
0.6757 Haven't played the game yet, so I may be wrong, but I did read up on the plot and I'm pretty sure this is how it goes.
0.6705 Pretty sure she once tried to train her puppies to do the same thing.
0.6705 And if our history books are anything, it's clear that most historians think that the union was the good guy.
0.6665 The people who don't want to read about history would probably think "This guy has a shiny statue, he must be a really great guy!"
0.6369 The DS is Nintendo's best selling console period.

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-0.9457 The USA and China would lose sooooo much money and probably be locked into a very destructive war that could devastate the northern pacific.
-0.9352 Someone is dead due to a **DOMESTIC RIGHT WING TERRORIST ATTACK** and they're fucking blaming liberals.
-0.9201 We just had an ISIS style terrorist attack on home soil and someone is dead.
-0.9118 They were endorsing shit like rape and sex slavery.
-0.91 Not trying to silence anyone, not trying to advocate for ethnic cleansing or mass murder, no terrorism or shootings.
-0.8932 "I wanna kill Jews, they wanna kill Jews!
-0.8834 TIL tagging a wall means that you are a terrorist and everyone who is like you is evil and should lose their jobs.
-0.875 Mental issues are no excuse for being a raging Nazi who wants to kill billions of people.
-0.8729 Jesus Christ on a cracker, we are so irreversibly fucked if we don't straighten this shit out NOW.
-0.872 They tried, but like everything else the damn traitors tried, they failed miserably.
-0.8656 He was actually disgusted by humanity and believed we needed to turn to religion more, and his quote "god is dead and we have killed him" is not celebratory, he's mourning humanity's fall.
-0.8519 In one level, you have to fly on a star and destroy the pillars of the spacecraft that invaded, and each time a pillar is destroyed you hear a faint screaming.