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0.8658 A lot of trump supporters believed that the late 60s was the best time to be alive.
0.8271 That super lunar eclipse in 2015 was amazing.
0.8225 They just kinda changed the purpose of the festival, but let people celebrate it however they want.
0.7992 Not good if the house is totally dark, but they look amazing on a lit up home.
0.765 I'm pretty sure the girl breaks down when she finds out what happened, as well.
0.7506 We went from the Atari and the Super Nintendo to a DS with 3D capabilities, a console that can go from handheld to on the TV, and graphics that look like real life.
0.7351 Yes, a Supreme Court justice used something that didn't happen as justification for a crime against humanity.
0.7351 Seeing that man happy is like seeing a unicorn.
0.7184 Something that only good friends or couples would do.
0.7184 Last I checked, hugging is pretty intimate here in the states.
0.7096 Sometimes I want to slap the shit out of people for saying that.

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-0.9118 But then there's the risk of going to Iraq or Afghanistan and dying in some foreign hellscape destroyed by some stupid war.
-0.9118 Now that Bill O'Reily lost his platform, I expect the dumbass war on Christmas stuff to die as well.
-0.886 Rick and Morty break into a giant's house, he gets upset, slips and dies, and the two get arrested for murder.
-0.872 ISIS still exists, no wall, people hate us again, ban flopped hard twice, and the swamp is thriving.
-0.8516 "Turn on any channel" would be the most terrifying, because the only case in which every TV channel in the country would be interrupted is in the case of a nuclear attack.
-0.8402 It's some fucked up dystopia shit.
-0.8235 The VA is a fucking atrocity, PTSD goes ignored, 20 year old boys are permanently crippled or even killed so some rich asshole can get oil, and rape runs rampant.
-0.8208 Can't remember the girl's name, but she's lesbian, bond doesn't like that, and he rapes her in an attempt to turn her straight.
-0.8172 The real culture wars are the wars to take back Pepe from alt right scum!
-0.7876 Not just rapey, but actual rapists.
-0.7783 I mean, the nerd raped someone and the mean girls distributed child pornography.
-0.7717 And if the customer is a real piece of shit, then it's even worse.