/u/XxsquirrelxX is kind of a dick.

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0.7717 One of my mom's friends posted on Facebook about how the Supreme Court should be dismantled because they shouldn't have the power to give rights to people.
0.7409 Besides, isn't it crazy expensive to go to a doctor and then get the medication unless you have health care, which is also crazy expensive?
0.6915 And if you don't know Fall Out Boy, well, then you really missed out on a pretty good Disney movie.
0.6808 Yeah, it was titled "Bodyslam" and featured Ben's signature sexy Trump smiling after beating people up.
0.6705 I mean, I'm pretty sure South Park is explicitly meant for adults only...
0.6369 If he is a troll, he is the greatest troll of all time.
0.6369 He's gonna love that new customization option in the new Sonic.
0.6369 I love how he consistently rips on Microsoft and EA.
0.636 Congratulations, your Comic Sans evolved into Cosmic Sans!
0.6249 A new console with a great release title, and many more upcoming games.
0.6249 Which is pretty westernized as far as anime goes, I mean Ash straight up references an American football team.

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-0.9732 Schrodinger's liberal: simultaneously evil scientist geniuses who will destroy America with devilish science, and dumb illiterate morons who will destroy America with incompetence.
-0.8588 Depression medication can cause fucking suicidal thoughts.
-0.8271 What the hell is wrong with you?
-0.8074 The game I just beat had me kill a duck as the final boss battle.
-0.7845 I was hearing things like "the attacker was Muslim", and I thought it was part of the murder of the singer that happened the day before.
-0.7845 Some nut job who thought the government was trying to take over his brain tried to force his way into the library with a gun, shot two people and then was killed by police.
-0.7626 Fun fact: Cee Lo does not believe it is rape if you fuck an unconscious girl without consent.
-0.7579 I'm an "evil America hating leftist" who is studying a STEM field, was dual enrolled in high school, and also holds a stable job.
-0.6808 Their homosexuality poses no threat to you, and it is your job to move that sofa.
-0.6739 Sandy Hook was my WTF.
-0.6597 She probably knew how fucked up it is for your dad to say that, because in the song she said it was her mom who said that.
-0.6486 He got arrested at a GameStop for vandalizing copies of Sonic Boom and then pepper spraying an employee who tried to stop him.