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0.9441 I love makeup, and ASMR is really nice too, so I really love watching de-cluttering videos, as well as ones like this.
0.9215 My skin has cool undertones, and I wear C2, Natural Ivory, and it was a perfect match for me, which was a pleasant surprise!
0.9028 I am a Christian myself, but as she was saying, Westboro really does contradict so many things that we need to do, such as being understanding and loving to our friends, families, and neighbors. :)
0.891 I love how powerful and rich her voice is.
0.882 It's unbelievable that the secretary acted the way she did, but I'm so glad that you've gotten help from other sources.
0.8658 Perfect for such a relaxing and nice game.
0.8625 You can resubmit this song, but please leave the title to just "The Verve - Blue." Thank you for sharing.
0.8553 Wolves are indeed wonderful animals, and thank you for supporting them!
0.8509 I love Glacier, I haven't been there since 2003/2004, but it's so pretty.
0.8478 Wow, this is awesome!
0.8439 They're both quite affordable brands and they have really good stuff, and highlighters can be pretty to use during special occasions.

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-0.6597 it was made to be annoying, and holy COW is it annoying.
-0.636 No problem!
-0.624 That was the most horrendous thing.
-0.5719 and terrifying.
-0.5574 The instant chaos of game physics going wrong, catching me off guard, often leaves me laughing quite heartily.
-0.474 Oh no, I'm so sorry!
-0.4497 He calls Batman on the phone, telling him about his history, bit by bit, but after he hangs up, you have to go save a hostage before they are killed.
-0.4215 I'm really new to getting into makeup, and there was a time in the recent past where I was struggling to learn how to do different makeup things tok.
-0.4019 My main problem was that I couldn't apply eyeliner at all, and I'm still trying to get the hang of it.
-0.3597 Well that was actually kind of disturbing.
-0.3387 I've been pretty sleep deprived lately, though, so it's been a little bit harder for me to pay attention today, as I'm not quite as alert to my typing as usual.
-0.2625 Is it weird that, when I first listened to this song, I slightly disliked it, but by now I've listened to it at least 25 times?