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0.9729 I only play the Pacifist route, but the game in the peaceful route is an absolute pleasure to play, and quite heartwarming to me, and it can also get emotional at times, as well.
0.9393 Thank you for sharing, and I hope you have a wonderful day and a wonderful week.
0.9342 They're really relaxing to look at and to watch, and so beautiful as well as quite cute.
0.922 I've always really loved this melody in Oblivion, and this remix is so lovely and gentle, and for some reason has me reminiscent of coastal areas or a voyage.
0.9215 My skin has cool undertones, and I wear C2, Natural Ivory, and it was a perfect match for me, which was a pleasant surprise!
0.9062 A friend of mine shared this lovely song with me, and I wanted to share it here too.
0.8885 This is super duper adorable, and I want to hug him right now.
0.8883 Amazing work, and I hope that you have a very merry Christmas, Snakebuddies.
0.8689 Thank you for sharing this lovely photograph.
0.8583 I've played through them multiple times, and they're very pleasant and quite enjoyable!
0.8516 That's super awesome!

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-0.729 I'll put the error log [here]. I'm sorry you're having this problem too.
-0.4767 Did I format anything wrong, or anything?
-0.4767 I'm crying, this is so beautiful...
-0.474 Oh no, I'm so sorry!
-0.4215 I'm really new to getting into makeup, and there was a time in the recent past where I was struggling to learn how to do different makeup things tok.
-0.4019 My main problem was that I couldn't apply eyeliner at all, and I'm still trying to get the hang of it.
-0.3252 I can't get much progress in the game due to the crashing.
-0.2755 I couldn't recommend it enough.
-0.2263 I'm in tears laughing...
-0.1585 Ohh man, I'm almost in tears from this.
-0.1531 If anyone doesn't get it, Crest refers to the brand of toothpaste. Also, I know this joke was terrible.
-0.0257 The production is good, and honestly, this song isn't really *bad* in my opinion, but the lyrics are just so strange.