/u/Wolverine1233 is very positive!

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0.9534 Love that sexy dress you have and wish you were sitting on my face in that last picture, and thank you for making my new year that much better ;D
0.9231 Thank you for getting verified, your pictures are amazing and appreciate that sexy body of yours ;)
0.9022 Laser, but lovely bush and would happily lick both
0.8832 Sexy kittens like you are great at it too!
0.8779 Definitely a great way to add some fun, how long do you plan on keeping it in there for?
0.861 I'd be happy to help, I'm sure it wouldn't take too long to find one more for that lovely ass!
0.8553 Thank you for sharing, that's an amazing picture!
0.8478 Gotta be happy with a job you love!
0.8356 Wow your body is amazing!
0.8326 And you're so cute and sexy while you do it!
0.8172 Welcome to gw and love your booty!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7177 My tongue in your pussy, my fingers in your ass, my cock in your mouth, and my cum down your throat, then my cock in your pussy!
-0.674 I'm not your devil anymore, but ill gladly sin with you!
-0.5334 I'll do my best, but I might be a little rough on your tight ass!
-0.5116 Then why don't you be a good slut, bend over, and ask nicely?
-0.4534 Limber, sexy, and tough, that's quite the killer combination!
-0.4404 And then I'd cover those panties in your mouth in cum and have you suck on them
-0.2244 Looking like that, I'd think you couldn't start a day off wrong!
-0.1531 Looking to get fucked in that lovely dress?
-0.0834 Tell daddy what you did and then he might not punish you as badly
0.0 It's incredibly hot too
0.0 Is that her or you?
0.0 Do you do that often?