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0.874 Its why Chinese people are so successful in america, because we typically are only accepting the wealthy middle class chinese nowadays.
0.8674 I think the makeup is helping but she is definitely pretty damn attractive in the looks department
0.854 Its not poor american poverty, they dont have things handed to them in mexico or russia or wherever they come from, they dont have welfare and social security nets, this is third world poverty.
0.8484 The NESARC would almost definitely have reason to make it seem like people drink less than they do, that plays into the idea that most people aren't drinking, which can encourage people to not drink.
0.8432 they might not want those aspects to be VERY big but i love living in nyc and seeing multiculturalism and going to different ethnic enclaves and experiencing what they have to offer.
0.8402 it felt always like just waiting to get back so I can get back to the hustle and bustle and fun and excitement.
0.8304 This might sound simple enough but If it wasn't a horrible, traumatic experience, then people wouldn't be making such a big deal about it.
0.8268 Yes The problem is also that Ubisoft keeps making these amazingly fun games though, with awesome concepts and graphics and gameplay...
0.8126 I love it It gets people talking about music in general, gets peoples blood flowing, it adds to the culture surrounding music in general, it just adds to the certain energy.
0.7964 Its a great experience honestly.
0.7811 Parisians don't like Americans, but they think New Yorkers are interesting, or at least better.

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-0.9684 In brooklyn it's bad but not as bad obviously, but we are also much, much poorer than manhattan so even while our rents are lower the rent/income burden is way worse in brooklyn.
-0.9467 Italians and Irish went through similar problems in the late 1800s and early 1900s, they only broke through after nearly a century of extremely elevated crime rates and horrific addiction problems.
-0.9442 No, violent crime is down, serious crime is down, damn near everything is down since 2014 when he took office.
-0.9228 I suppose but Idk we got some really nasty attitudes and even nasty remarks about us being American.
-0.9055 Louis, where crime is extremely high by arrests aren't, would technically have low crime rates right?
-0.9042 In reality, most modern scholars put his death toll at 5-7 million executed or dead from gulag, and another 12-15 million dead from famine, of which he is about half responsible for.
-0.8975 You guys demonize the poor and desperate so damn much that you forget how easily you would likely do the *exact same damn things they do* if in their position.
-0.8955 I hate that shit so damn much.
-0.886 It's just sad and fucked up and frustrating.
-0.8807 There was fear that de blasio would bring back crime, that's gone now, he has instead DROPPED crime dramatically.
-0.8717 I get what you are saying but this just more screams "im gonna get as much karma as possible by leeching off the venezuela crisis" to me.
-0.8705 The very beginning and the felt tail end of the 90s felt really lame, culture in general felt dulled briefly, it wasnt exciting and the exciting stuff that did happen fell falt.