/u/Willmaster123 is kind of a dick.

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0.9074 Maybe not as bad as the Nazis but lets not pretend that slavery wasn't some horrible thing on a similar level of atrocity.
0.8979 Hes crazy and has some crazy opinions but honestly he seems like one of the nicest people in hip-hop in basically every non-crazy moment Also makes some ridiculously good music also NOT WAVYYYY
0.8481 In 2010 he released dark fantasy which is often considered top three hip hop albums of all time, easily top 10-15 greatest albums in general by some metrics.
0.8442 But if you are throwing a party, or you're meeting up with like a dozen friends for a dinner, being late is fine.
0.8415 If we somehow got basically SUPER cheap unlimited renewable energy, could we theoretically cool the oceans back?
0.836 I mean maybe in like Houston or other suburban cities sure but in places like brooklyn or Boston or SF areas like that are all over.
0.8271 Oh noooo I'm not trying to make a right wing talking point or anything like but I realize now it kind of sounded like that lol, I am about as left as they come.
0.8104 Don't get me wrong there is gentrification here but to say it looks like the movies is just hilariously wrong.
0.8074 I like to think I have a good balance between my good career and coke and one night stands and that kind of stuff.
0.7906 She was one of the first true American tv stars I really knew and I just right away fell in love with her.
0.7845 People who live in williamsburg like to think somehow everywhere in brooklyn is like williamsburg suddenly to make themselves feel better that their neighborhood turned wack 10 years ago.

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-0.9682 Gentrification is still an issue but stop blowing that shit up out of proportion trying to make brooklyn seem wack as fuck so you can get a victim complex or some shit.
-0.9423 When they say parts of sharia law, they usually mean stuff like 'no stealing, no murder, no lying' etc etc.
-0.937 People might not realize this but people don't really understand how abusive they are until they actually are abusive, and its often a build up because the other person doesn't check their behavior.
-0.9278 And before you say some shit about 'but it fixes crime!' Crime has been HELLA LOW even in black neighborhoods for 20 years now.
-0.8979 The insane witch hunt on these posts gets ridiculous, no wonder this subreddit has such an awful reputation.
-0.8965 You guys assume so, so damn much and then get horribly nasty to people.
-0.8885 I'm not talking about downtrodden people, the complete opposite are actually the worst when it comes to gossiping about random people in a cruel way.
-0.875 Part of it is gentrification for sure, but its also just a huge supply and demand problem which has gotten worse and worse until about 2014, but since then prices have dropped.
-0.8636 idk why its so damn difficult for you guys though I didnt really realize how hurtful the word can be until I actually was around white people who said it casually and called people it.
-0.8538 Minorities simply cannot save up and escape poverty as long as gentrification is this bad.
-0.8506 True I'm more talking about all of the comments on this thread This subreddit sometimes makes me so upset at how irresponsibly brutal and nasty it gets without knowing any of the facts
-0.8481 People are mixing up gentrification with the housing crisis, both are happening, but the housing crisis is really what is raising prices more so.