/u/Willmaster123 is kind of a dick.

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0.8779 well yeah dude, considering there was just a huge white supremacist march that resulted in someone dying its reasonable to like, you know, NOT like that.
0.8621 but seriously its the game people want the most, its the game that needs the most improvements, its the game that has the best setting...
0.8151 Her entire shtick was super self aware celebrity party girl, its a very tongue in cheek act she puts on, but I respect it.
0.8074 It has generally a good story and very good writing and comedy.
0.7935 Brooklyn definitely has these but when I think food places in Brooklyn I still think the amazing hole-in-the-wall places to get pizza and chinese food and halal.
0.7845 I thought it was cool, I liked sex, it was all I cared about.
0.7776 It wasn't particularly unique, but what it did it did absurdly well and it was hugely popular.
0.743 They appeal to wealthier hipster Millennial's in urban areas with quaint little quirky things and cutesy little commercials to make them seem 'wholesome'.
0.7351 I think she means she looked up to princess diana and wanted to be like her, not necessarily AS FAMOUS but famous for being a beloved person and not just a sex kitten with a sex tape.
0.7351 The next day we went to downtown brooklyn to meet some friends to get lunch, lots of crackheads and addicts everywhere, then we went to crown heights to go to a friends rooftop bbq.
0.6908 For 1,600 a month you can get a good nice apartment in bed stuy or bushwick or ditmas.

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-0.9541 NYC has a much smaller crime rate, but it's so dense that the crime is more concentrated so neighborhoods can feel more dangerous even when they aren't anywhere near as bad as Cleveland
-0.9501 We survived the 60s at the cost of our violent crime rate quadrupling, riots in every single city, hundreds of people killed, the war on drugs enacted, and we were left with the 70s and 80s.
-0.9371 Its as dangerous as many latin american countries when it comes to violence, but most of it is randomized, not gang violence, which makes it even worse.
-0.9349 Well there was Serbia/Bosnia, The Kosovo Wars, Armenian-Azerbaijani War, the 1st and 2nd Chechen War, 2008 Georgian War, and now Ukraine and Crimea.
-0.9201 Chicagos north side has a similar murder rate and violent crime rate to Bushwick for example.
-0.9201 Since then police stops, weed arrests, and brutality charges have dropped DRAMATICALLY, even while crime has decreased.
-0.9163 And literally right after he said racism is evil, HE WENT ON TO DEFEND THE FUCKING RACISTS and call them good people.
-0.9153 I mean shit dude ive made sex tapes with girls before back in my 20s, nobody expects that shit to be leaked by an angry ex girlfriend/boyfriend one day.
-0.8979 Bushwick, by violent crime rate, is a run of the mill bad neighborhood in nyc.
-0.8856 I've had people come from Cleveland and Houston tell me that NYC felt very crime filled and scary, despite those cities being MUCH more dangerous statistically.
-0.8807 I still feel such shame at the horrible shit I have done to girlsfriends for the sake of a one nightstand or something similar.
-0.8674 So many guys are pushed to have as much sex as possible with as many girls, but it can be mentally damaging to us, there is seen as 'no downside' to constantly having sex as a dude.