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0.962 I don't even consider myself to be a guy with a lot of friends anymore, I'm 30 years old, but its also great to be with your best friends and everyone gets along.
0.8846 And yet, the Russian people adore him. Those poll numbers are not fake, he is absolutely loved by his people.
0.8658 I've lived with my 4 best friends in our apartment for 4 years now, we are practically with each other 24/7, we hang out and watch movies and play games and drink together basically every night.
0.8223 However I readily admit a huge amount of it was luck and charm, not all hard work, hell I got my job mostly because I made a great first interview.
0.807 is very nice, I visit 5 times a year for my job, I love it.
0.7964 Its a miracle he survived that night in the first place.
0.7397 I think it's data that was taken when those years were around, but honestly I'm not sure Also Omaha is a suburban, people don't do farming there lol
0.705 Parties typically start at like 10-11pm, but it doesn't really get going until like 1am
0.6956 Of course, we are still quite a bit away from the 60s and 70s, but after a decades of relative peace we are back at the levels of the 80s and 90s.
0.6956 Yeah but also Beyonc doesn't really use twitter I don't think One Social media platform is not how you determine popularity
0.6908 There was a massive dip around 1994-2000 then it increased very slightly from 2000-2006, then another dip from 2008-2011, then since 2014 there has been a huge increase.

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-0.9581 I mean, the murder rate in philly isn't THAT much better I think the murder rate went from 25 to 18 today, not exactly a massive improvement, it's still a very very dangerous city comparatively
-0.9349 The wars in afghanistan, syria, iraq, yemen, libya, ukraine etc have contributed tremendously, but also immense drug wars in latin america apparently form 40% of the total conflict death tolls today.
-0.9175 Again, crime and drugs can make a country a HELL of a lot worse.
-0.9062 For them if you hate even one type, you are just as bad as the worst of them
-0.8979 In 2014 and 2015, race riots erupted in response to perceived unfair situations where police killed people.
-0.8934 Points of violence on both sides, Dylan Roof and Micah Johnson terror attacks, have created heightened tension.
-0.891 Holy shit, I knew it was bad, I didn't know it was that bad.
-0.8807 Nearly 150,000 dead in the mexican drug war alone.
-0.8591 However Russia has horrible corruption and crime rates which make it difficult.
-0.8455 I cannot count the amount of times I've heard Russian people in south brooklyn say HORRIBLY racist things behind my back in Russian because I look black/Puerto Rican.
-0.8402 Not necessarily political but just the general sense of chaos even at the highest level can be disruptive on a street level.
-0.8271 It might seem that simple but our ideas of those things are different than theirs To them liberal western ideology means crime, drugs, loose women, debauchery.