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0.9201 Great, my favorite a "JD40" & they allow great things.
0.9164 LOL, too funny & SO TRUE!!!
0.9022 Yw, I'm interested, seems like a great priced kit too.
0.8977 Jo Jo's Bizare Adventure, love your background music & funny joke!
0.8689 Awesome, better then making chocolate in the bed, lol
0.8687 The JD45 is a great board, I just like the JD40 better!
0.8588 Great & that's a great setup you have!
0.837 Awesome, I know many women that deserve that treatment, LOL!
0.8356 Looks like everyone had fun & spotted some nice board in the photos!
0.8313 Awesome & congrats, sir!
0.8221 That's awesome, I was part of the Hunterville, NC Dragon boat festival this year for TIAA Cref & both of our teams came in first, Gold baby!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7096 I hate I missed out on this set
-0.5719 Let me guess, organized chaos was a part of yours too?
-0.4926 Hell yes, it can!
-0.296 I can stop byy there next week.
-0.2755 It won't fit, the MechMini is a 40% while the Poker 2 is a 60%.
-0.2732 Disregard, I was moving too fast.
-0.2732 I just need a blocked JD45, so I can have my set of JD45 twins too......
-0.2636 Well, I've got my daughter & son; so no need for more kids!
0.0 Looking forward to pics of your college MKBs, the plot thickens.......
0.0 Got JTK Charred Orange too w/ mods!
0.0 Too funny!!!!
0.0 That's a heavy switch, your fingers have to have