/u/William_S_Jones is very positive!

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0.9117 Awesome & congrats to the winner!
0.9077 It's a joke; however, to each, it's own! BTW, if you're a parent, "happy father's day" & if you aren't, I hope you're able to enjoy your day w/ your dad. Have a great day & week too!
0.8977 Great, I'm a DSA fan too, so I'm going to love XDA!
0.8622 Even though I love kits, great job Vortex!
0.8271 Mainly w/ this being a 3d printed case & certain aluminum 40 kits being between $120 to $160 or more, I say between $100 to $110 sounds like a great retail price.
0.807 Love it, nice setup!
0.7964 Awesome & you're welcome.
0.7901 Nice another beautiful 40% type dox!
0.7734 LOL, funny!
0.7597 Yes sir, LOL!
0.752 LOL, I love that one.......what she doesn't know, won't hurt her.

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-0.4926 Hell yes, it will!
-0.296 Darn, missed it
-0.2896 She's got a Nintendo Wii-U & 3DS that she doesn't play with much either, that's I'm okay b/c the Mrs & I play w/ that.
-0.2003 Noice & see that you strike again!
-0.1531 Not too bad & thanks
-0.0572 I put together her lego disney castle this past January b/c she didn't want to.
0.0 Sold Signature Plastics' Nantucket Selectric Planck keycap set to to u/tanaysood.
0.0 I'm on the lookout & keep me posted!
0.0 In due time, sir.
0.0 FJell rd 2 is coming!
0.0 Talked to Evan when I placed my order 2 weeks ago & those are restocks!
0.0 You & me both