/u/William_S_Jones is very positive!

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0.8622 Love it looks great on your MechMini!
0.8481 Well, thanks & hope everyone took something meaningful from this post.
0.8214 I'm more than ready for a Seabright, thanks /u/alex_at_panc & thanks for the link /u/dilbertprogrammer
0.8122 Thanks for making the case a reality, /u/Jolimon, I love it!
0.8122 The clickies were already the best speed kailhs & the 70g spring in the heavies make it even better!
0.8079 LOL, funny!!!
0.807 Nice, love it!
0.807 Not sure, but it's beautiful on that 40!
0.7974 I'm very glad that I was able to downsize my collection this week......the majority of those funds are going to XDA GodSpeed, LOL!
0.7959 Yes, it was a great meetup!
0.7906 Nice, you love the heavy clicky kailhs, I have some in my MechMiniV1.

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-0.6956 Understood, I know no longer deal w/ SP SA GBs due to that issue...I hate XDA GodSpeed will take so long, but figure I will since I don't know the next time I'll see & I missed out on SP SA GodSpeed.
-0.6075 Not trying be rude, just not a fan of black/red keysets.
-0.5994 No problem, I'm looking forward to your XDA extras, JChan94.
-0.5994 No problem, got you.
-0.5994 No problem, I got my AMJ w/ this aluminum case through /u/Touareg3's gb earlier this year.
-0.5719 Hate Borealis isnt available anymore.
-0.296 No, these are full sets.
-0.2867 Hell no, I LOVE IT!
-0.2755 May go after the tactile purple then b/c the speed equivalent is the copper & i don't like them.
-0.2382 I wish my yorkie would sit still for a picture like this, but he's too damn hyper.
-0.1779 This post made me think about all the money that I've wasted on MKBs & the other things I could be doing w/ the money, like saving it or further my career (money towards certifications.
0.0 Debating, I may pick it up