/u/Warren4Prez is a total dick!

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0.8625 it's wrong to equate the Democratic Party with the Republican party unlike the Republican party, the Democratic Party has some good people
0.7964 terrific, funny post--it goes without saying that the proposal would be accepted
0.7717 They're always doing asshole things like that, sabotaging laws intended to help people like you.
0.6597 half the Democratic party 98% of the Republican party
0.6453 "President Donald Trump continues to struggle, even among his most loyal supporters.
0.6369 The best investment vehicle is a top-line Mercedes
0.5927 That's been known for a long time, to all but the sicko Trump supporters
0.5413 OP is well-known Trump supporter, Bernie Sanders very strongly opposes Trump
0.4404 I love opposing right-wing assholes like you
0.4404 good article
0.4215 that's nice to know, now that democracy is dying out in the U.S.

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-0.9186 wrong--stocks suffered worst loss in five months because FBI Director Comey revealed that Trump is the subject of counterintelligence and criminal investigations
-0.8866 It's because of this horrible, false messaging that Americans don't know to vote against the Republicans who are causing all the terrible damage that Democrats oppose.
-0.875 A half century ago, it was a threat to our governance. Now it's not just a threat, it has already destroyed our governance.
-0.8606 Brazil is so severely fucked up in so many ways
-0.8519 No, Trump must be removed from office and imprisoned for his treason. But it is bogus to assert that any pressure on Republicans will get them to remove Trump.
-0.8519 It is because of these misleading posts that American voters do not realize that it is Republicans who are doing all the terrible harm, and Democrats who are opposing it.
-0.8121 the stupid fucking asshole is getting exactly what she deserves but I feel really bad for the Meals on Wheels clients who opposed Trump
-0.7778 they should lose their healthcare. the fucking assholes should have done their research before they voted.
-0.7717 This horrible, false messaging is why Americans don't know to oppose the Republicans, who are doing all the damage.
-0.765 I'm tired of assholes like the OP constantly saying that "Congress" did this or that, instead of accurately stating who in Congress is to blame.
-0.765 A very party-line vote. I'm tired of assholes like the OP constantly saying that "Congress" did this or that, instead of accurately stating who in Congress is to blame.
-0.7635 that's absolutely the wrong ground for impeachment Trump's violation of the Emoluments clause and cooperation in Russia's hacking of the Presidential election are the proper grounds