/u/Warren4Prez is a total dick!

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0.7094 People who are still supporting Trump now, despite all the horror of his six months plus in office.
0.6369 Trump's FCC Chairman Ajit Pai falsely claims that net neutrality dissuades the huge internet megacorporations from investing to improve their networks.
0.6369 is the greatest country in the world.
0.5975 Then why did the Rangers get nothing but shit for him?
0.5868 Youve almost certainly even seen the return, and unless youre a devoted follower of the Dodgers farm system, you may not have recognized any of the names.
0.5719 excellent, informative comment
0.5719 No single individual is justified in having more than $10 million in personal wealth, directly or indirectly
0.5574 I proudly stand by all of the alleged "negative" comments.
0.4939 Name one single trade deal that Trump has successfully re-negotiated.
0.4588 Democrats today need to adopt and embrace the philosophies and principles that FDR set forth in this letter.
0.4581 governments should be required to treat people who can't pay it's required by the U.S.

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-0.9371 Just another distraction from Trump's criminal activities and the vicious Republican assault on middle- and working-class Americans and the poor.
-0.9201 at least one dead in state-sanctioned terrorist attack
-0.886 It said the technique could be "useful" in "the next four years": advocacy of murder Video on Fox News Host Tucker Carlson's "Daily Caller" site Tucker Carlson and Fox News, advocates of murder
-0.8656 A country populated by vile, anger-filled morons is not a great country.
-0.8555 Are you advocating that they be punished for the crimes of their parents, although they have no criminal liability themselves?
-0.8442 Cory Booker is the absolute worst of the corporate Democrat whores
-0.836 you're an absolute moron, defending the terrorist Kasich
-0.8316 he refused to criticize Trump over Trump's racist Charlottesville comments
-0.7964 needs to prosecute all the corporations committing murder and other crimes in the U.S.
-0.796 you are an enemy of the world, a supporter of the anti-Christ , one of the most evil, despicable people who have ever existed
-0.796 get the fuck out of our country you were right when you said admitted that you are "entirely retarded"
-0.7783 "Trump Blames the 'Alt-Left" for [Charlottesville] Violence" http://www.thedailybeast.com/trump-blames-alt-left-for-charlottesville-violence