/u/Vresa is kind of a dick.

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0.8275 Worth noting - he stole that thumbnail, slapped "gg wp" on it, and didn't give credit to anyone. This would be a very easy example of him profiting off work that he did not do.
0.8126 The only one even approaching mandatory would be Hibana, but that's only because of her the strength of her ability.
0.7841 So a clever player would simply create the spreadsheet, determine what is the optimal way of doing it, and boom.
0.743 There are multiple objective locations where the increased flanking ability of a nitro is much better than a slowing barbed wire.
0.7003 Thanks for supporting the development by buying a second copy
0.6861 House isn't well optimized, but i don't think you can blame people for enjoying what they enjoy
0.6597 The system we have now at least allows a dedicated player to "game" the system to try to maximize value.
0.6154 Energy drinks are just coffee that doesn't make you shit your pants.
0.5859 Icey at least edits his videos well and speaks clearly.
0.5859 If they make it so that you know exactly how many matches you're going to get, it becomes too easy to just punch in some numbers and figure out if it is worth it to buy boosters.
0.5667 This is nothing but a stupid alienating statement about how proplayers are the only ones who should get any input when it comes to changes in the game.

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-0.9493 Killing all new content to fix current bugs would 100% kill siege. Also your response is alarmingly rude.
-0.8779 This kind of boycotting will just kill off Siege, not improve it. And you're very over dramatic.
-0.8591 He's upset that someone stripped his bullshit self-advertisement water mark off his photo and reposted it for fake internet points.
-0.7935 Lowering the renown cost of the operators might help people in the short term to get them all, but long term **it will** lower season pass sales and in turn hurt Siege's long-term potential.
-0.7789 Do not use reddit to harass people just because you do not like them. Be a big boy and just ignore him and his content.
-0.765 Three easy steps to get negative karma on /r/R6 Step 1: Link A nukemdukem video Then skip steps 2 and 3. EDIT: actually this video is even lower quality than the normal shit he pushes out.
-0.7608 no shit. OP is suggesting that new content not be created to fix issues Game developers are extremely specialized individuals.
-0.7579 Stop being an attention whore.
-0.7579 he should get temp banned for harassing people.
-0.7178 [Poll] Would you completely kill off siege to fix current issues?
-0.7096 People don't say she's anemic, shes just the worst attacker because everyone else is just better.
-0.6901 He has no reason to hack and if he was ever caught hacking, he'd be completely screwed and his siege career would be over.