/u/Vresa is slightly positive.

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0.91 Positive feedback loops are a compelling way to encourage someone to repeatedly do something. The points rewarded form a positive feedback look to just keep spamming spot.
0.7807 They will never "buff" terrorist hunt rewards.
0.7783 Reddit is actually not working correctly if everyone is just happy-go-luck positive sunshine all the time.
0.7269 the R6 discord is pretty good to find people if you need some help
0.7184 Like any popular competitive game, solo queue can be an absolute nightmare at times.
0.7184 Because as a defender, that is all you're going to be doing as it helps the defenders so much more. Lighting in a map should be a part of it's balance and what makes them interesting.
0.7184 /u/dougyl Thanks for misinforming people, champ
0.7024 Your friend should have read what he is buying a little bit better
0.6597 join a friend finder service.
0.6486 not to detract from the Game, but the BF1 subreddit is also pretty inactive for it's size.
0.6369 Alpha packs are rewarded before this animation even plays.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8877 Can we ban someone from the subreddit for saying something so misinformed that it makes the rest of us look bad too?
-0.802 I've never wanted a meme to die more than the 'hurr durr, valkyrie is ugly' one
-0.7922 Ubisoft doesn't care about how bad he is for the community, they just want to reach his fanbase full of morons
-0.7655 i get the allure of "realism" in this instance, but it'd be really really bad game design.
-0.7548 So CS:GO with more destruction and no ECO?
-0.7491 Terrorist Hunt does not sell copies of Siege, nor does Ubisoft benefit in any way from people playing it.
-0.7124 Saying this shit isn't helpful to anyone and is only a thought-killing melodramatic ego-fluff.
-0.7096 That shit just gets boring.
-0.6908 Terrorist Hunt is only there to be a checkbox on the game's description.
-0.6908 This title is misleading The question was "can i get banned for this", she replied "no".
-0.6808 The only reason we're even getting Dedicated servers for Terrorist Hunt is because of renown exploiting.
-0.6808 The hell did I just read?