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0.9032 Very clean and easy to read, thanks for sharing!
0.9022 Fivethirtyeight is amazing at creating insightful and engaging visualizations, and the journalism supporting it always top notch.
0.8898 This was really fun reading through, I especially loved the comedy in "Shark Size" after the first small portable camera was released.
0.8883 You might be interested in this visualization by Andy Kriebel on Wealth Inequality, it shows the change in wealth distribution really well. http://www.vizwiz.com/2016/11/wealth-inequality.html
0.8622 And yes, feel free to link it wherever, I did this for fun so go for it!
0.8553 Thanks again for sharing, and Congrats again!
0.8402 Another National Championship is good for the ACC, and overall Strength of Schedule discussions
0.8221 But maybe adding a Filter Option is a good alternative. I like the two other suggestions you made, will look at that later tonight. Thanks for the feedback!
0.81 Yes, but it looks like your Y Axis got reversed, I'd recommend have both start at zero.
0.8074 I think that would make it easier for users to see the Box Office Success films since it would be in the top left, as opposed to bottom right.
0.8068 Fair enough, but really this it to show that the most recent 2 decades have been very successful compared to 1930-1988

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-0.765 If FSU can get another big threat downfield, it would take the pressure off the RBs and open up the offense.
-0.5994 Unfortunately getting it together is a bit difficult.
-0.5423 Netflix kills it.
-0.5267 I still think we are lacking a real downfield threat.
-0.4868 He will be so missed!
-0.4767 Lol I blame public schools for my bad spelling.
-0.4588 Does anyone know of a "drag and drop" charting tool that generates D3 code.
-0.4019 Since Week 15 was the Semifinal, it seemed redundant to have all four teams listed, as there would be Two Wins/Two Losses.
-0.3919 I'm die hard FSU, but will be rooting for Clemson tonight.
-0.3818 I'm still dumbfounded on "Shadow".
-0.34 Crazy 3 of the Longest field goals have occurred there.
-0.3182 So I chose to only show Clemson and Alabama, and then use annotation to tell that Washington and Ohio State Lost .