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0.9363 Oh hi!!!! My father was very sceptical at first, but I grew up with amazing friends who all support me!
0.9208 If these payment methods don't work for you but you still want to support me, here is my [Patreon.] Good luck to all!
0.9184 hahaa you're welcome xD Thank you for the inspiration!
0.9112 I love good photography in general so I try my best
0.861 However it's pretty expensive so I'm hoping to get spoilt more often Haha.
0.8543 Be good and loyal to your friends and those who have always stuck by you, stay grounded :D Never let someone shit on you as well, and don't waste your time being upset about it.
0.8514 I am trying super hard at the moment to get more fit and just have a general lifestyle change to be more healthy.
0.8439 Thank you for enjoying and appreciating!
0.8271 HAHAHAA <3 <3 <3
0.824 haha thank you for that :P
0.8133 So so cute :3

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-0.5672 Aw no that's a tragedy D:
-0.3612 For this picture I purposely let it look messy for the overall vibe.
-0.3595 oh no it isn't!
-0.3544 Well you have 86400 seconds in a day, and if someone takes 20 seconds to make you angry, don't waste the rest of your day being upset about it.
-0.1779 the previous one was taken down by the mods cause I made a mistake, but it's a similar picture.
-0.1027 Nah man I dress usually in sweat pants and a hoodie
-0.1027 Hard choice
0.0 You should do YOU.
0.0 I saw a quote somewhere saying:
0.0 green teaaaa
0.0 I know right?!
0.0 I will bring food!