/u/VirtualGeisha is very positive!

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0.9612 Also super compact and easy to use, and the aperture on the lens is super nice :3 And yes I am 50-50 caucasian asian
0.8192 chase me around the bed haha XD
0.8126 protection of my identity, please respect that :)
0.808 aw thank you so much XD
0.7925 I'm glad :D
0.7925 :D you should check out /r/hapasgonewild :)
0.7925 Welcome btw girlie :D
0.7925 omg she actually does look a lot like me irl XD
0.788 So thankful you appreciate it
0.7456 Cool username btw :D
0.7378 All my friends have it too :P Maybe it's because I was born and raised in Asia.

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-0.6808 Hell yeaaaa
-0.5423 How bout spanning dat ass?
-0.1779 aw ok bb :(
-0.1449 hell yeaaa :D
0.0 but in reality I look more similar to : https://www.reddit.com/r/PrettyGirls/comments/5n9js1/mixture_of_japanesecaucasian_beauty/?st=ixu3d0kv&sh=fe38aba9
0.0 I know people who are halves and have dark green or light green eyes!
0.0 I have gifs on my subreddit!
0.0 /r/virtualgeisha
0.0 In one go or multiple?
0.0 Man I don't know
0.0 I use my vlogging camera that lets me see myself!
0.0 from the front I do!