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0.8858 haha I must say I haven't studied art since it was compulsory, because even though that was something I really enjoyed, dad said econs was the way to go xD
0.8748 Love that album :) And thank you!
0.8271 aw thank you <3 :3
0.8234 hahahaha thank you xD my voice aint cute at all though xD
0.8225 my YouTube videos will also help you get to know me better :)
0.7845 I'm pretty sure you'd easily walk past me in the street and think nothing of it.
0.7644 glad you enjoyed watching!
0.7624 So I know loads of hapas, so I think it's fair to say I have a good sample size as well.
0.7468 So glad you like it so much!
0.7351 hehe thanks :3
0.7351 Yep it was just a quick picture I took with my phone that I posted to my insta story, most of my photos have better composition and I do some colour grading to them as well.

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-0.7263 Anyone else who wants to block me just reply to this and I'll reply back so you can block!
-0.6908 I think maybe in 20 years more likely, my parents would kill me Hahhaha.
-0.5719 I hate tattoos that just sit there.
-0.5145 I don't want a frizzledfriedpup either it's ok If you don't like me you can block me by the way since I've replied to you!
-0.4404 You can block me now that I've replied to you, you'll see the option somewhere.
-0.296 This will be probably in 20 years, I'm planning to have kids in less than 10 years and will stop posting nudes before that.
-0.296 By childish gambino?
-0.296 such confusion I know.
-0.1027 Honestly think it's stupid.
-0.0772 I only watch anime I'm sorry
-0.024 Only a little teaspoon or a whole handful?
0.0 we live in europe, most of my fans are in the us.