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0.8481 thank you :) far from perfect though
0.8425 So glad that so many people like it :)
0.8176 aw that actually made me happy xD
0.7951 I did all the recording and editing myself xD Took me so long haha
0.7783 haha I think a lot are xD
0.7506 haha if you'd like ;)
0.7456 Thank you :) I'm going on a difficult hike soon so I want to make sure I will be up for it!
0.743 don't know why they look like that in the pic, I let someone else do a base edit on the photo so maybe they warped me up a lil xD
0.7269 **Maid JOI** Quality: HD shot with rx100 iii Length: 10:51 minutes Costs: 18$ Bitcoin or 20$ Amazon giftcard Description: This good little maid is summoned by her master to relieve his ache...
0.7177 /u/xxxpensivetastes is the beautiful lady at the top!
0.7003 hehe thanks you <3

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-0.6705 This is a suicide model called Asami...
-0.4404 This was the quality the photographer gave me himself :(
-0.4215 **Ass job** Quality: HD shot with rx100 iii Length: 15:13 minutes Costs: 25$ Bitcoin or 30$ Amazon giftcard Description: I start already fully naked, smearing lube all over my ass and pussy.
-0.2808 since now :O
-0.2732 I then start giving an ass job to the dildo, before I finally put it into my pussy.
-0.1449 hehe I love getting my ass tongue fucked :P
-0.1027 aw <3 this was an old photo from october I think so I was a bit chubbier, because I wasn't exercising much, but now I have lost weight and am losing weight overall again haha
-0.0772 sorry im also not midget
0.0 https://www.reddit.com/r/AsiansGoneWild/comments/6bwv01/hoping_to_cause_over_9000_boners/?utm_content=comments&utm_medium=browse&utm_source=reddit&utm_name=AsiansGoneWild Her post I talked about!
0.0 That's genetics.
0.0 namely you know where.
0.0 Take a look and judge for yourself