/u/VirtualGeisha is very positive!

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0.8658 haha thanks xD
0.8434 I am glad you enjoyed it, will be doing more stuff like that, plus I will also be interviewing /u/carlagrace soon so keep an eye out for that~
0.8425 I'm so glad you like it :)
0.836 haha I was pretty nervous xD
0.7906 More photogenic than actually pretty xD
0.7865 Aw thanks :D
0.7739 LOL honesty
0.7739 sure sure :P
0.7351 haha, is this for me or my friend
0.7351 Appreciating the comment :3
0.7351 Honestly for me the aspect I enjoy most about posting to GW subs is coming up with a concept for my pictures, and trying to formulate the end result with the idea I had in mind.

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-0.7124 Pity it didn't get many likes on instagram :/
-0.5994 But it's ok, she also cried to my dad when I was born that I look white as fuck.
-0.4404 why you wanna smack me in the face with a pillow :(
-0.296 still blurry as hell though xD
-0.296 Actually there was no one else there besides us....
0.0 here is a recent comment I did touching upon this:
0.0 I just try to extract the feelings in the setting and express through a medium- namely my body and expressions
0.0 Nudity is art yo.
0.0 Mom is full asian.
0.0 50% Asian 50% White.
0.0 Real voice.
0.0 They're just sliced cucumber