/u/VirtualGeisha is very positive!

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0.9022 Yep was doing photoshoots around the US and still am, had this premade saved up for a while :) https://twitter.com/SSSuccubus/status/876233102204346369 some exciting things happening ;)
0.8903 Aw thank you :) I actually had a reallyyyy hard orgasm at the end I think my face looked really funny haha
0.8807 hahaha too true xD
0.8636 yes it is xD The whole back is covered in stickers :P
0.8402 :3 You could also pick something yourself and then I'll add it to the wish list :)
0.836 Astraia is doing me a huge favour cause I've bee chilling at her place the last week xD
0.8316 Is u/virtualgeisha the best hahaha
0.8316 oh wow this is gorgeous
0.8136 Paying for porn is the best way to appreciate the performers, honestly wouldn't do this amount of work/pictures/vids if I didn't benefit from it.
0.8091 haha ok next time :P
0.7783 haha I was xD

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-0.808 nothing better than a good ass licking
-0.6836 aw thank you <3 but an octopus in my hair wouldn't, I think, haha xD
-0.5778 Sorry I mostly work/plan everything on my own, even if I were in the US I would not accept help.
-0.4404 I had my bf with me though, maybe he was too intimidating?
-0.0387 Sorry to break it to you but I own nothing that is VS lingerie
0.0 girllll your buttttt
0.0 /r/astraia /r/xxxpensivetastes
0.0 was from amazon.co.uk but can't remember the brand
0.0 https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/registry/wishlist/27Z2P1YXKVH5M/ref=nav_wishlist_lists_2 here!
0.0 Taken in Amsterdam!
0.0 I have a picture with the rear view too!
0.0 I got it in Taiwan!