/u/VegaThePunisher is kind of a dick.

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0.7246 Oh okay, well that explains why you don't know wtf you're talking about.
0.6597 Yes, but they have fallen in love with fascism.
0.5106 This is fun af to me.
0.5023 Some other commeter found it for me but thank you.
0.4939 k You seem to be pretty emotionally invested.
0.4939 I care about the world.
0.4449 You don't shit about me.
0.4449 I don't give a shit about karma.
0.4404 It's good they are coming out so we can see them.
0.4404 Better for them to be open.
0.4329 Sounds like to whom??

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-0.9042 Consolidating control. Voter suppression Hate of foreigners Isolationism Murder of their political enemies
-0.9014 "News" = data More righties have killed people than Muslims in terror attacks in the past 10 years Deal with it
-0.886 People who kill or harm to stop abortions.
-0.7783 Fuck off for your prejudice.
-0.7579 Calling someone a liar and then getting destroyed with facts and then running.
-0.7351 No. About murders?
-0.6808 And crashed into two cars. He's a murderer and you are carrying his water.
-0.6597 We all know the righties have murdered more in recent years.
-0.6486 Alt left attack? No that was a religious fanatic.
-0.6124 This has been going on for a while, with consistent murders by rightwing extremists.
-0.6124 Lists of murders?
-0.6124 Sssssso? It cites murders.