/u/VegaThePunisher is kind of a dick.

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0.886 Yes, the books are clean, and yes if the travel even included just one meeting related to the charity it is legal.
0.7003 Thank you very much for being honest.
0.6369 Well, they sure are shaking like a fat hooker on a cold night.
0.5574 Well, I do agree the various specific anti-cheese doodle subs are unnecessary since reality is anti-cheeto.
0.5574 That is admirable these days.
0.5448 That wasn't a criminal offense.
0.5106 Yeah, you mean to create a false equivalency.
0.4449 That's was not illegal.
0.4404 You should be commended.
0.4215 Comey specifically stating they favored Cheeto.
0.4215 Twp things can be true.

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-0.8779 Not illegal, though. Treason and obstruction are illegal.
-0.872 People who disagree with you as being shills and anything anti-trump as annoying as hell.
-0.8689 Russia ties in terms of coordination is yes, illegal, and covering it up by lying, illegal, and then obstructing is yes illegal.
-0.802 "to fight terrorism" is a qualifier he and you added. He revealed the source location of the intel, which is a distinction.
-0.797 No, I won't agree that "both sides do it" since it's a bullshit false equivalency.
-0.7783 If he is undermining America by coordinating with a foreign entity to personally profit that shit is illegal.
-0.7717 "Not illegal" It was bias against someone who was never a member. You guys are desparate to deflect because your boy is in deep trouble.
-0.7449 Though I don't believe the conspiracy theories about the person whose death the nuts are exploiting.
-0.7378 These charges are CRIMINAL.
-0.7251 I never said the DNC emails were leaked, nor did I say Comey or McAbe said that. So again, fail.
-0.7003 There were no illegal things revealed in the DNC emails.
-0.7003 It's the sign of a failed argument.