/u/VegaThePunisher is kind of a dick.

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0.8204 Go tell your delicate snowflake friends to be more tolerant and accepting.
0.7978 He didn't endrose until the language on both TPP and the Ukraine was changed. If your party had discrimination as part of their platform, either you agree or don't give a shit.
0.7718 Exactly, he was not perfect but looks better and better compared to the sack of boiled potatoes we have now?
0.7269 Our economy is based on faith and confidence from consumers.
0.7269 You know, that's pretty funny.
0.7149 Who couldn't bring themselves to support Orange Boy and the anti-gay GOP platform in 2016? The same LCR who supported both Romney and GWB? Those gay Republicans??
0.7096 Well, Obama did win twice.
0.7026 She is not a piss-drinking fascist, though. So she is still better.
0.6808 Even if a rich person only trades commodities, those profits would be based on the consumer demand for those commodities. That's why supply side is garbage. Demand side is what matters.
0.6705 Well, they have been winning elections.
0.6553 Don't you guys notice that the only people who like you, are other cult members like yourself? Do you?

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-0.918 You said "the poorest states" Then said "Chicago, Flint" So are you confused, or stupid? The poorest states are GOP, BTW.
-0.886 No and no. Fail and fail.
-0.8816 Awwww widdle trumpie's bullshit smear got DESTROYED so now he is dancing around.
-0.8374 Uh, not up to me to prove a negative. LOGIC FAIL. We do know he has appointed the most anti-gay cabinet in years.
-0.8074 And stop sending whiney bitch messages to me via PM. HAHAHAHAHAHA
-0.7964 Bullshit. They rejected the GOP PLATFORM from the convention.
-0.7906 Trumpies always project. They are the poor inadequate white males with no future,
-0.7783 No, war broke out in 2008 as well.
-0.7184 No, that's bullshit.
-0.6808 Liberalism = freedom Orange Smegma Cult = incompetence, hatred and lack of responsibility.
-0.6705 Still, he didn't get tens of thousands of Americans killed and maimed in Iraq.
-0.6696 AND, you cited editorials. Jesus Christ, you guys are always so fail.