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0.7714 I don't like Cuomo either, but he is the best we've got unless we want to give Spitzer another shot.
0.6369 Best students, regardless of means. For more than 100 years.
0.6369 Now they want to tell the majority to listen to them. Lmao
0.6199 Who took the House in 2006? Who won election in 2008 and 2012?
0.5574 This is the rich boy version of the stripper pole daddy issues.
0.555 Muh anecdote helps me relieve my guilt!!
0.5106 Uh you would need more than a million to make it all free.
0.5106 Soon it will all be free.
0.4588 Who cares what you would get from Columbia? And CUNY is larger than Columbia.
0.4215 Never was it a charity, nor described as such.
0.4019 Yes, Cuomo does not have the personality to be governor.

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-0.8591 Damn you failed bad.
-0.8271 You see? The "racist facts" are folks who prance around FB and spread hate, who think they are spreading "facts". Read the article again.
-0.8074 Racism. Blaming blacks as a whole.
-0.7906 you are disturbing the Cuomo hate circle-jerk....
-0.765 Fuck off. Don't try to suppress speech that hurts your fweels.
-0.7398 If they are terrified, then they are not thinking clearly.
-0.7269 Tomorrow you will still be an ignorant racist,
-0.7184 The article is about you, people who think it's their duty to foment racial animosity, Now go ahead and cry some more and call me names.
-0.6915 Insecure that you would have to kill something you don't eat, just to feel more like a man.
-0.6331 It's not waste. CUNY does a hell of a lot with limited budgets.
-0.6249 That's racism.
-0.6249 They are your racism.