/u/VegaThePunisher is a total dick!

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0.6124 People do it all the time now citizen or non, for all kinds of things including credit, employment and social security.
0.5719 Be happy.
0.5719 They would celebrate either way.
0.5574 And they also couldn't contribute all the positive aspects.
0.4939 You his friend?
0.4912 Muh brigade iz heerz! We must protect our Deer Leeder!
0.4606 Get your facts straight before you step out into the real world so you are not embarrassed.
0.4404 That itself is a good reason.
0.4215 Cheeto Benito is saying he was vindicated.
0.4168 People are not stupid.
0.4019 If she was part of a counter-intel investigation, yes.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8316 There was a terrorist attack and a deflection at the WH 20 min ago so they are now jumping out of the bushes.
-0.8225 Get the violent criminals out.
-0.802 He will get the hate crime tack-on.
-0.7096 Typical orange lemming. Such a sensitive snowflake, but always talking shit.
-0.7003 No, that would be illegal.
-0.6981 Violent thug!!!
-0.6908 Would there then be no crime at all?
-0.6868 What narrative? Your piss boy still lied about Obama, still under a spy investigation, and his healthcare bill is in the garbage. That narrative?
-0.6808 Stop lying,
-0.6808 No one confirmed Obama ordered any surveillance. So why are you and your russian stooge lying again?
-0.6808 No one confirmed he was wiretapped, Why are you lying, trumpflake?
-0.6808 Stop lying about what people said.