/u/Vdub885 is very positive!

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38Overall Score
43Positive Score
7Negative Score
49Neutral Score

Most Positive Sentences

Score Sentence
0.8934 Great body great smile.
0.8475 Wow everything is amazing!!
0.8431 Amazingly perfect wow
0.8402 Amazing love it
0.836 Amazing great choice
0.8176 Wow that's body is perfect.
0.8176 Amazing ass great tits and gorgeous.
0.7845 Definitely the best
0.7351 That looks like it's perfect to slide in.
0.7351 Amazing excited to see more from you.
0.7351 The piercing are definitely a bonus.

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.592 It's not fair that you get to be so bad and we have to be good!
-0.5216 Who doesn't love boobs
-0.25 Star struck.
-0.1779 Come shake it for me
-0.1531 No way but that is more mild than wild
-0.0772 Keep on teasing.
0.0 All of it!!!!!
0.0 Are you still looking?
0.0 You get pregnant and never hear from me again!
0.0 Clothes of but you on
0.0 There is not one flaw about you!!
0.0 From every angle.