/u/Uniqueandfun is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9011 You're very welcome I'd love to see more :)
0.8832 She looks amazing hope she has fun!
0.8799 You're very welcome thanks for sharing ;)
0.8519 Beautiful smile and amazing tits.
0.8479 You're very welcome keep up the good work :)
0.7959 Good morning beautiful!
0.7783 Good morning beautiful
0.743 I'd love to fill in for him....his loss my gain
0.6793 Absolutely gorgeous!
0.6696 No, thank you beautiful!
0.6696 I'd love to see more!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.807 It's so sad you came home alone :(
-0.25 Hello Jess I know you posted a long time ago on Reddit, your story and how you feel alone, I too am in a somewhat similar position and too have a child with CP.
0.0 Hey I'm Adam 33/M/FL, how are you this morning/evening?
0.0 whichever title you prefer
0.0 What's in it for me?
0.0 Hello my name is Adam from Florida US what's your name?
0.0 Too adorable:)
0.0 Very sexy....take it off;)
0.0 You may put me in the ICU!
0.0 If you're my nurse
0.0 You look so tasty!!
0.1548 Try to open up a little ;)