/u/Uisce16 is kind of a dick.

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0.5994 160 pounds lmao
0.5859 Overeem looked amazing
0.5719 I bet Masvidal will get a title shot if he wins
0.5106 Yeah that's what i took from it, he recovered well.
0.4767 Much respect, you'll learn from this.
0.4404 Joe talked about that during the highlights good eye.
0.4404 Letting someone hit you clean to play possum 3 times makes no sense.
0.4215 4th time lucky maybe.
0.3818 I believe New York uses the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts.
0.3818 Huge fight for Dustin, hope he gets the W
0.3612 Looks like he's just making money to me.

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-0.8555 Hell no, it will go the same way their first fight did.
-0.8229 Conor was injured prior to UFC 200 and didn't wanna look like a and pull out, so the UFC made up some bullshit.
-0.7906 The Diaz Brothers be killing you, would you ever fight one of em?
-0.7717 Lets give him a pass on the post fight interview then, he's posted 7 pics/ videos on instagram relating to Travis and Ronda taking the piss out of them he's being a dickhead clearly.
-0.7351 Did he talk shit to you after the fight?
-0.6628 I remember him shitting on Fabricio Werdum and RDA for pulling out and not caring about the fans.
-0.6597 All of Rumble's submission losses have been by RNC, damn.
-0.6486 Fights are scored by the round, who has more injuries after the fight is irrelevant.
-0.6249 What Derrick is doing is not banter, he's being a dickhead after he knocked Travis out cold.
-0.6124 Broadcast cut :(
-0.5837 You've never seen Bisping promote a fight?
-0.5574 He done the same shit to Hector Lombard when he was out cold too.