/u/TypicalTrumperger is kind of a dick.

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0.906 Yeah, deciding to do things based off of arbitrary percentages is always the best way to handle any given situation, choo choo, Trump train, yeah, yeah, yeah!
0.8591 "Trump and his supporters won so they deserve to have their safe space now".
0.6705 I'll take any comfort I can find at this point, honestly.
0.6696 I'd love to read it!
0.6352 So yeah buddy, I'm all for Baquet going to jail if Trumpy wants to play ball!
0.631 Trump but cannot confirm if it was discussed in his meeting with the intelligence chiefs. And then your Cohen bit, what does that have to do with anything?
0.6124 Because it sounds like you either agree with what CNN's story actually says, or you don't *actually* have any evidence of their story being incorrect.
0.5994 Thanks in advanced.
0.5859 Wow, groundbreaking stuff folks:
0.5562 *Wow*, impressive!
0.5423 Hey buddy, could you lend me your edge for a minute; I need a hand slicing this bagel I want to eat.

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-0.8689 He would only be in jail if it was illegal, and it would only be illegal if Trump could prove they were falsified, which he could only do if he actually released his tax returns.
-0.7837 Totally Biased Breitbart Tackles Donald Trump Tackling Totally Biased Today Show on NBC for Fake News
-0.7783 As much as I hate our Dipshit in Chief, his memorandum does state:
-0.7654 Voter fraud is so ludicrously easy we CTR shills should abuse it to give Clinton the victory she deserves!
-0.7473 Oh no, Lewis got caught protesting another asshole for similar reasons, I'm sure he's absolutely overcome with shame and dishonor now!
-0.7264 Give me a break, you're really arguing that there's *never* been a single notion of intimidation against marginalized groups at a Trump rally before?
-0.6808 I mean hell, even Alex Jones has InfoWars registered in his name.
-0.6428 What is this shit?
-0.6124 No one is protesting because they expect Trump to step down, if that's what you're asking.
-0.6027 Lol now he's crying on /r/The_Dipshit that people are calling this fake.
-0.5948 "Women choosing to print their dissenting opinion on a 12-foot wide banner and march among 500,000+ protesters of an opposite ideology shocked to not find a warm reception."
-0.5615 "Heh heh, just a little prank guys, jeeze can't anyone take a joke anymore???"