/u/Twotonetrump is a total dick!

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0.8555 I like to help people without as much time as me try to stay informed on things the best I can.
0.6908 4 chan loves their jokes.
0.6705 Thank you for reading :)
0.6597 Because men know better than to do anything like that in this current culture.
0.6249 We may be in the end times of the wests great democracies.
0.5106 One of these days people are going to realize the left is the new right except against white people. These people who are doing this are the next generation of leaders have fun.
0.5106 The honest answer is its not news
0.5106 Would voting not be the action and saying he admired trump be words?
0.4939 They're laughing about it right now.
0.4939 They need to actually care about farmers and labor unions again.
0.4927 I would argue growing food is a more important skill than virtue signaling racial politics.

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-0.9148 The more terrorist attack, the more our citizenry will radicalize to meet the threat.
-0.9105 BREAKING IN STATEN ISLAND, NYC: 5 People just struck by vehicle; 1 DOA, 3 likely to die / very critical.
-0.8939 Its hurting the country at this point. It doesnt matter how much we hate the other side we need to end this shit.
-0.8729 If these morons decided to stop selling and growing food for people in the cities all of civilization would collapse within a week. The morons are the ones who cant take care of themselves.
-0.8481 The left needs to drop identity politics and stop blaming white people, especially white men for other people's problems.
-0.8352 For people who didnt read its not trump leaking, but intelligence agencies leaking details to us media about the manchester terrorist attack that Britain didnt want public. "U.K.
-0.8316 Transformer movies make billions of dollars and are generally hated by movie critics and snobs.
-0.8316 Its a terrorist attack unless something says otherwise.
-0.8285 Oh look the type of fear mongering that does far more harm than good to the cause because their predictions are always wrong.
-0.822 Eventually an attack will be so bad the civilians will start to act vigilante style.
-0.8176 Using a fictional racist to paint entire portions of the country as racists and im the one defending bigots?
-0.8176 Driver was driving on the wrong side of the road according to witness's for quite a ways and aimed for people. He hit 21 people killing 1 going against traffic.