/u/Twotonetrump is kind of a dick.

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0.8779 In my rare off time when I get to play games I like them to be good and politics free.
0.7845 In fact were pretty happy.
0.7351 Feel lucky christians love non believers and view us as equals. Im an atheist and was lucky to be born here and not saudi arabia or some other shit hole.
0.7269 Pushed me right out of the party as a life long voter and its why trump is winning over the midwest.
0.7269 Tom Emmer is pretty good at picking up his phone.
0.7207 Petitions are nothing but a distraction to make people feel like they did something.
0.6908 To be honest as a guy in the last year who has played ball for democrats and then trump.
0.6369 This is the best timeline.
0.6369 I love how you provided evidence with an actual receipt or bill.
0.6259 You should bone up on history. http://www.historynet.com/how-long-did-the-moors-have-white-slaves.htm https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slavery_in_Spain You arent arguing with a moron.
0.6124 "Brainwashing" Both communist and nazi's historically used language like this to implement education reforms like those you describe.

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-0.9493 Doesnt matter how you get there when your dead. The violence in some inner cities is as bad as war zones.
-0.91 Hows gang violence and your violent crime rate?
-0.8834 letting the left work itself into a fever dream and focus on fake shit and then you destroy them. The left has wasted so much time and energy on his taxes to have it just blow up in their faces.
-0.8834 Like I said if you think the weapons you die by matter more than the actual death you are an intellectually bankrupt person.
-0.8747 and the Earth could end tomorrow, but it wont much like this fear mongering.
-0.8625 With all the fake hate crimes floating around ill take the wait and see approach.
-0.8555 Every terrorist attacker we have had in the last decade were residents or citizens that traveled to foreign countries to get trained while on vacation.
-0.8381 Be better and stop being right wing " Faggot, do you not realize this shit makes most normal people cringe?
-0.8176 Seriously stop being lazy fucks.
-0.8171 Last I checked it was re-routed and they still werent happy so fuck them.
-0.8126 Just stop with the silly shit. If you have a problem with the government call and write to your representatives.
-0.807 While running the poorest and most crime ridden cities in the country the last 100 years?