/u/Tunacan is a total dick!

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0.9022 He's like the slow kid that nobody makes fun of because it's just too easy. It's a joke, the whole thread was a joke.
0.8128 Very cool XD.
0.7346 Good fucking luck with that one.
0.7184 This is just a normal conversation between good friends.
0.6597 You want to act like a bull is equal to a human, why don't you go out onto a mesa and chew some grass until a lion eats your guts out while you're still alive?
0.6369 I would love to see how you discipline your 14 year old daughter when she starts sneaking out to drink with 21 year olds.
0.6369 But I still think therapy would be the better solution.
0.6082 Yeah but Ned didn't sit on the chair so it's cool.
0.5859 Oh wow another rogue-like pixel-art indie game.
0.5688 You are more than welcome to ignore facts and substitute your headcannon if it makes you feel better.
0.5473 Epic prank LOL.

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-0.9136 How the hell can you fire a shotgun once and get 4 charges of firing a weapon.
-0.8957 There is no point in locking someone up until they die, just kill them now.
-0.8768 More people have died while you read this than in this recent attack, go cry for them too.
-0.8636 And rape, can't forget how he raped his wife.
-0.8591 Wolves are assholes who kill small animals.
-0.8422 Pence is just another religious zealot, every president has preached, but not all of them have been incompetent morons.
-0.8402 No crime should warrant life in prison.
-0.836 I wonder if anyone would have upvoted the same comments being said about his wife being raped in prison by a lesbian?
-0.8268 Why the fuck did he decide to be president during one of our toughest times ever and spend his entire presidency cleaning up Bush's shit!
-0.8225 Sansa Bolton isn't going in inherit shit, and Arya has turned into an anime villian. Also all of Maege Mormont's children are bastards.
-0.8157 Stop using logic and facts goddamnit, that's not fair in this mindless hippy circle jerk.
-0.8126 Also wife beating, unless you want to just tie that in with the rape.