/u/Tunacan is kind of a dick.

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0.9169 "if I type lol she will think i'm wierd, better go with haha and an emoji, girls love that stuff" KYS
0.8128 Very cool XD.
0.7928 Why don't you just kill them and take what you want? Oh, baby server :)
0.7806 Yes yes, we know his mother is very diligent and keeps her little NEET's room clean.
0.7717 Surely these two lovely ladies will bequeath their loins to you now.
0.743 Yeah man awesome theory.
0.6901 I feel like it's a really good thing that you aren't a police chief.
0.6588 Other than that great observation!
0.6369 "Lol why would anyone play on a pvp server?
0.6318 It's really important to get +5 every season so you can get rank 61+ and get 5 more burst frogs lol.
0.6124 Well said good sir.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.9601 The big scary white man must be out smarting the blacks and making them fight, damn the white devil and his evil money!
-0.872 Do you know how expensive it would be to actually kill a fully grown bull every show? Hell, fighting bulls live way better lives than ones we breed for meat.
-0.8591 Maybe take a shit somewhere a person doesn't usually take a shit, like my bitch coworkers mouth.
-0.8484 A lot of stealing and a little raping.
-0.8481 I never see a single one of you "animal rights" people say shit about the hell fish go through.
-0.8316 You can kill Razorscale with 1 attack now dude.
-0.8225 Sansa Bolton isn't going in inherit shit, and Arya has turned into an anime villian. Also all of Maege Mormont's children are bastards.
-0.8225 How about his first mission which led to the destruction of an airplane and the death of an 8 year old girl?
-0.8225 You can get killed on those" -every pve server baby crying about tagging
-0.8074 Now you will constantly bitch about dolphins and sharks but nobody says a word about Bass and Carp and shit.
-0.7717 Cook the steal or fuck off chef ramsey.
-0.7579 Unless you're talking about eating out arya's ass, that gets you banned.