/u/Tryndamere is very positive!

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0.9698 Honored by the recognition! Fun awards and categories and congrats to all the winners and thank you to everyone involved :)
0.9508 Thanks for sharing your story :) Fun to hear your journey as you gained perspective and speaking from personal experience, without the lows it is much harder to appreciate the highs.
0.8935 Was a fun game last night - you guys recovered really well. GG In other news, lol @ this thread
0.8802 - Acknowledge your mistakes and constantly improve - You're not dead until you're dead, so there is always hope
0.8519 NB's are awesome in pvp - I'm a NB and love it
0.836 Good luck :)
0.8074 Thx for sharing your perspective with us :)
0.802 Best of luck with your next step Travis.
0.765 That's absurd - lol - wow.
0.7579 Helpful - thx for taking the time to share your thoughts and feelings guys
0.7351 I'm super curious for the behind the scenes ZOS discussion about this - because it has to be a known issue.

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-0.6808 My hell dog named Beast guards the secrets hidden in the dungeon
-0.504 What weapons do you have? What is your opening combo?
-0.4767 To figure out what you're doing wrong requires understanding what you are currently doing.
-0.34 I'm more of a fiction / fantasy / sci-fi guy All RA Salvatore books Deathgate Cycle Enders Game series A Song of Ice and Fire
-0.296 No I'm Tryndamere
-0.2901 It doesn't matter if you believe otherwise, you are simply ignorant in that case.
-0.25 Doesn't happen to me - I'm stuck on stage 9 boss and have been for 3 weeks
-0.25 Do you know how to animation cancel ? I'm a 292 CP nightblade and melt stuff single target or in groups.
-0.2411 Ah - never used one =p
-0.1027 I'll pay for it if you do that
-0.0772 That would be 0_o
-0.0762 1) adding another $10k is not insignificant 2) yup - did the whole 1-30 grind again and still don't have all champs