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0.9517 This whole fake news phenomenon is very similar - but hearsay is powerful online, spreads like wildfire and is often based on 3rd hand information at best that is unverified.
0.9393 I'll pass on the kudos. Glad that it's helping everyone think about the great long term possibilities as well ;)
0.8905 Thx :) Notes like this really do help Rioters get through the inevitable emotional ups and downs.
0.8885 People get into this industry from a desire to delight and entertain people - emotion is a key component of creativity.
0.8826 One of the secrets of life is that no one really does :) This means you're not any different from the most successful people - so you too can go do great things .
0.8658 That's why many Rioters aren't engaging anymore unfortunately - the good news is they're all focused on building awesome experiences, and that at the end of the day is what matters most.
0.8588 I literally consider Regi a friend, have known him for years and have greatly appreciated everything about who he is and what he has done to help build the ecosystem.
0.8578 Grats - our tips re: sportsmanlike players winning more games are true :)
0.8415 Teams can voluntarily leave or join the LOL ecosystem any time - all of them are here presumably because they think it creates value for their organizations / business 4.
0.8173 It's not as easy at it apparently looks ;) But any game that can sustain 3 billion hours of monthly playtime means that surely there is a pretty good amount of balance.
0.802 Thx for all the surprises, joy, pain, fun and incredible memories everyone.

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-0.5574 We sometimes scratch our heads at Riot and ask ourselves if our posture of investing so much in training Rioters to be open, be themselves and interact with the community is the right stance.
-0.5423 Is that bad?
-0.5118 That's less Riot and more me.
-0.4939 Don't believe the spin from haters.
-0.4588 One of these days we'll do a video interview sire - I'm beating that drum internally to "open up" more and we'll get there
-0.3151 The journey is never straight and easy, there are always strange turns and challenges, but things will make a lot more sense in hindsight .
-0.296 No one in Korea, China, SEA ever even brings up Sandbox - and very few in EU .
-0.296 One of the trickiest components of what we do is manage the priorities and demands from the global and diverse playerbase.
-0.2955 It's also not platform exclusive - pretty important distinction
-0.2811 A license / partnership is not ownership as a FYI
-0.2023 Damn right I'll hold you accountable to it ;)