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0.9508 Thanks for sharing your story :) Fun to hear your journey as you gained perspective and speaking from personal experience, without the lows it is much harder to appreciate the highs.
0.9099 Yes - and I absolutely love League still. Favorite meta was the crazy early days when everyone played everything everywhere and we had no idea how to play well.
0.8802 - Acknowledge your mistakes and constantly improve - You're not dead until you're dead, so there is always hope
0.7906 Whether or not relegation is the best way to accomplish that is something we're reflecting on.
0.7579 Helpful - thx for taking the time to share your thoughts and feelings guys
0.7337 I will invite anyone extremely attractive, friendly and appropriately in awe of my glory to touch me - but you must ask nicely and never forget that glorious moment.
0.6872 We still plan on adding more ways to support teams, yes
0.6705 Yes - bless you
0.6486 Well, would be tough to be a lawyer without a degree, but it's possible I guess ;) We try to look at what people have done and evaluate what they can do as well as looking at long term potential
0.6369 Would love to - PM me
0.6369 Yo - would love to hear your thoughts.

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-0.7003 Broken and annoying IMO
-0.6808 My hell dog named Beast guards the secrets hidden in the dungeon
-0.6124 How much would you pay for a men of Riot calendar?
-0.5106 Play League - kill many Teemos
-0.357 Least favorite meta was the slow paced poke / control comps of season 2.
-0.34 I'm more of a fiction / fantasy / sci-fi guy All RA Salvatore books Deathgate Cycle Enders Game series A Song of Ice and Fire
-0.296 No I'm Tryndamere
-0.296 No clue what the status is
-0.2732 Thx - I was 25 and Ryze was 24 when we had the idea for Riot
-0.2512 That doesn't sound like something I'd do - but 0_o if I did
-0.1779 No - I believe in standing up to the tyranny of the mob in defense of the individual.
-0.1779 D - I'm weird