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0.9508 Thanks for sharing your story :) Fun to hear your journey as you gained perspective and speaking from personal experience, without the lows it is much harder to appreciate the highs.
0.9099 Yes - and I absolutely love League still. Favorite meta was the crazy early days when everyone played everything everywhere and we had no idea how to play well.
0.8802 - Acknowledge your mistakes and constantly improve - You're not dead until you're dead, so there is always hope
0.7579 Helpful - thx for taking the time to share your thoughts and feelings guys
0.7351 I'm super curious for the behind the scenes ZOS discussion about this - because it has to be a known issue.
0.7337 I will invite anyone extremely attractive, friendly and appropriately in awe of my glory to touch me - but you must ask nicely and never forget that glorious moment.
0.6872 We still plan on adding more ways to support teams, yes
0.6705 Yes - bless you
0.6486 Well, would be tough to be a lawyer without a degree, but it's possible I guess ;) We try to look at what people have done and evaluate what they can do as well as looking at long term potential
0.6428 You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you cant please all of the people all of the time.
0.6369 Would love to - PM me

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-0.7003 Broken and annoying IMO
-0.6808 My hell dog named Beast guards the secrets hidden in the dungeon
-0.5106 Play League - kill many Teemos
-0.504 What weapons do you have? What is your opening combo?
-0.4767 To figure out what you're doing wrong requires understanding what you are currently doing.
-0.357 Least favorite meta was the slow paced poke / control comps of season 2.
-0.34 I'm more of a fiction / fantasy / sci-fi guy All RA Salvatore books Deathgate Cycle Enders Game series A Song of Ice and Fire
-0.296 No I'm Tryndamere
-0.296 No clue what the status is
-0.2901 It doesn't matter if you believe otherwise, you are simply ignorant in that case.
-0.2732 Thx - I was 25 and Ryze was 24 when we had the idea for Riot
-0.2512 That doesn't sound like something I'd do - but 0_o if I did