/u/True_Eaglelibrarian is a total dick!

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0.8812 You know, clearly someone who likely cares about more "important issues" like how badly rich God fearing white men are marginalized like any old good conservative would worry about.
0.8104 This is a fucking masterpiece that I wish I had a part in.
0.798 Because if we're talking any old job I'm pretty sure that women can't go around disparaging men after being reported to HR for doing it.
0.7901 If someone says "black people like KFC haha!" then just laugh with it because it's a funny ass joke.
0.7845 Cause right now I just happily do it for free.
0.7717 I love that the meaning has changed from shining examples like MLK.....
0.7351 Applauding this guy is just applauding your own obliviousness.
0.7269 I don't know, we'd need Matt's account to determine that and not just Amy's description years later while giving a speech like she was telling a stand up joke.
0.7003 Apparently Drumpf huggers are actually emulating the mindset of their favorite human cheeto.
0.6908 Thanks for sharing this moment where you learned something, though.
0.6767 All to latter be referred to as bragging rights? These people honestly think this is a battle they can win?

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-0.912 Pushing for survivors to have to "testify" on the public record as to whether or not they feel like their rape was valid is a shitty move. No, we don't.
-0.8934 They're just as gross as she might be to be using rape as a weapon against her when they don't actually take the issue seriously in other situations.
-0.8658 They think calling us racist, mysoginistic, rape apologists is going to change us?
-0.8553 To be fair, joking about rape isn't a joke or funny, so it's still total shit redditors say and upvote.
-0.8405 This is all also horribly off the point that you simply don't get charged with a sex crime for pissing in public.
-0.836 Refusing to comply with court orders because you disagree with their ruling is probably the worst legal advice you could receive.
-0.8123 You fucking cracker ass manchildren are so insecure.
-0.8074 White men are misunderstood and stigmatized for their mental illness that *forces* them to want to fuck children.
-0.802 If someone says "kill all blacks", just ignore them and wash it off, they're just trolling.
-0.7906 Missing context is the guy shouting it in a cafeteria was also under investigation for raping another student at Florida State University.
-0.7879 Like I said, they don't care about the victim Matt, which is sad, they care about ripping Amy down.