/u/True_Eaglelibrarian is kind of a dick.

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0.9294 Since Reddits birth, these euphoric edgelords have gone against the grain of popular opinion with the idea that it makes them more enlightened and intelligent.
0.8658 If there's a majority opinion or a rising well of support for something, you can bet the enlightened euphoriacs will come in shortly and they're bringing their devil's avocados to the party.
0.8316 Good luck, and I hope you get that record fixed.
0.8176 Uproar over Captain America being written and drawn as a black super hero.
0.8015 If they weren't so stupid, I would question if that was their plan all along because it's too perfect.
0.765 Maybe it's because you needed to assert your dominance over sp00ky SJWs and you didn't have time to "read." I admire your determination to push forward, though.
0.7506 It's amazing that this myth is still alive.
0.7506 100%. We recommend people get those payasyougo cheap smart phones when helping them get back on their feet.
0.743 Yeah, this is bullshit and I'm sure the motivation is elementary at best.
0.7178 I was hoping for something more entertaining when I logged in this morning.
0.7096 I hope this girl has a great mother, because her father seems like a steaming pile of shit.

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-0.9678 Anita: "Video games are mysognistic and advocate violence towards women." Gamer: "FUCK U BTCH I'LL KILL U VIDYA 4 LYPHE U KNOW NOTHING BTCH GET FUCKED" Anita:
-0.9531 Fucking terrifying to think the law is the only thing stopping these pathetic fucks from raping people.
-0.9286 Not to be too controversial, but I think if you own people as livestock and go to war to defend that right, you're at least *slightly* more racist than the people that don't own other people.
-0.9274 That's because you're probably a racist and too pathetic to own that fact, so your feels tell you to deny it so you don't have to feel bad about it.
-0.9186 Either way, sending people to jail for weed is bullshit, but violating probation and driving on a suspended license is a whole other issue and unfortunately he may be SOL.
-0.8952 If you admit that you're abusing children, all three of those professions must report it and are not covered by privilege you fucking disgusting fuck.
-0.8658 They think calling us racist, mysoginistic, rape apologists is going to change us?
-0.8398 Guy doesn't deserve to be beaten with a bat, but he sure as fuck doesn't deserve to walk around with signs saying 'women deserve to be raped' without criticism.
-0.8375 I'll never understand why white people get so personally offended when it's pointed out that people like **white supremacists** are fucking racist as shit.
-0.802 Domestic violence is awful and- #EXCUSE ME MEN ARE VICTIMS TOO DOUBLE STANDARDS OK?
-0.7717 We've been called worse things by prepubescent 10 year olds with a shitty head set.