/u/True_Eaglelibrarian is kind of a dick.

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0.9493 I'd rather find happiness in myself, be happy for those who also love themselves, and support those who don't, than be an asshole like you.
0.8985 It's a "spin off" more than anything. Funny how when another one of the million Marvel movies come out, dudes don't whine and cry about original projects.
0.886 Eugenics is beloved by euphoric redditors because they always assume *they* would be the ones deciding who's worthy.
0.8812 You know, clearly someone who likely cares about more "important issues" like how badly rich God fearing white men are marginalized like any old good conservative would worry about.
0.8176 I'd say I'm glad they're finally self-aware but that would be giving them far too much credit.
0.798 Because if we're talking any old job I'm pretty sure that women can't go around disparaging men after being reported to HR for doing it.
0.7901 If someone says "black people like KFC haha!" then just laugh with it because it's a funny ass joke.
0.7845 Had to get creative on the quote to enshrine the shit this redditor had to say.
0.7845 Cause right now I just happily do it for free.
0.784 Reddit loves a good old "if you reversed the genders!" until it goes the other way.
0.7717 I love that the meaning has changed from shining examples like MLK.....

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-0.932 Unfortunately, instead of focusing on restating the law with updated legalese, MRAs cry about pedantry and mock any discussion of rape because they think it isn't fair.
-0.8934 I'd rather die than feel a second of these turds' repression, deep loneliness, complete void of self-worth and overwhelming feeling of emptiness.
-0.8823 Why try to change it? Women want to be raped less so now men are going to claim they're raped more?
-0.8658 They think calling us racist, mysoginistic, rape apologists is going to change us?
-0.8316 Of fucking *course,* with everything wrong in that video, reddit ignores it all to find the most pointless thing to rage about.
-0.8123 You fucking cracker ass manchildren are so insecure.
-0.802 If someone says "kill all blacks", just ignore them and wash it off, they're just trolling.
-0.7906 Missing context is the guy shouting it in a cafeteria was also under investigation for raping another student at Florida State University.
-0.7845 Now, fuck off, loser.
-0.7845 You're disgusting, fuck off.
-0.7783 If anything, I'd upboat you to keep your shit at the top, but I simply do not give a shit.