/u/Trezzie is kind of a dick.

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0.8176 Yes, that ought to save you if it's stronger than your bones or skin.
0.7717 Using the items shown in the show, he can become the fastest in the world, and skilful and powerful enough to become a boxing champion.
0.6916 Please, I can only get so excited!
0.6705 And yes, I liked it.
0.6369 Couple minutes, at best.
0.6369 This gives me the best idea to sign all my children's homework in crayon using "Mom" and bringing one to PT meetings to verify.
0.6369 It's good to know there are empathetic people out there doing hard work at times.
0.6249 Hey, it's nice to know the whole truth and it's principles.
0.6041 Oh good, I'm not crazy.
0.5983 "Sir, they're coming at us with buckets of water!" "May God have mercy on our souls"
0.5859 Round 1 is an auto win.

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-0.9756 The villain is roughly who ever killed the most in the last 5 minutes, ignoring kills on you, and changes to the next murderous when you kill them.
-0.9556 Swarms occasionally raze a home or three, but often fail their assault due to preparedness. The mammals never form any army, as that would be really, really bad because we have explosives.
-0.872 We can use something akin to Agent Orange, and deal with their food supplies or not, depending on how much they've pissed off humans. Areas around farms become kill zones.
-0.8225 Occasional guerilla tactics will annoy repairmen, and children will be taught to murder any rats they find.
-0.8126 Once we saw the light of the interaction, we'd be crushed instantly, but until then, no worries.
-0.802 A big effort goes into extermination of rodents, and poisonous gases would be pumped into sewers, or drones would seek and destroy any nests.
-0.7906 In the initial assault, outlying homes are destroyed by packs of wolves and a bear or similar large mammal to break down doors and murderize everything inside.
-0.7906 How much Agent Orange could be produced by desperate militarizes trying to kill all of everything?
-0.7611 "What, the hell, is Namek!?!?"
-0.7579 Walls are built, cows and other large animals are killed on sight and salted for the coming food shortage.
-0.7469 Bears/tigers can siege during the first two nights, but after that, they'll be barricaded out or dead from hunting parties and lack of numbers.
-0.7311 Efforts are no longer cost effective to protect the small farms, but with the extinction of all large mammals not in captivity, there's no real danger.