/u/Trezzie is slightly positive.

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.6908 Just have fun and play.
0.6705 Actually, at last check, I'm pretty sure it's the airship thing.
0.6696 I love me most!
0.6597 Great, now I want some of that Braum...
0.6428 At least the play wasn't that bad.
0.6369 Anakin buys his mother and his freedom after enough victories, and explores the galaxy.
0.6369 I still consider her surrender and what follows as the greatest part, aside from maybe the end.
0.6115 I'm so happy you and everyone replying to you got my reference.
0.5994 A 160 kg man would be carrying 7.05 kgs of ecstasy to match the pigeon's feat
0.5859 THAT would have been an amazing and unexpected plot twist, while also jumping about 8 sharks.
0.5773 Didn't kill the Hinox at all until I got my gear back.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.91 If instant death just means 100% hp damage, no resistances apply, then it's just 80% hp damage.
-0.8555 Sign a suicide note with his own name, plot twist, paper from the death note?
-0.8402 Order 66 isn't used, and instead the first firing of the Death Star is on Corusant, dissolving the Senate and Jedi at the same time, so there would be no rebellion.
-0.8126 The Achilles Toe has been broken, the monster is already dead.
-0.7861 They may notice, but not accept that it's dangerous.
-0.6486 "Oh shit, it's the cops, time to hide behind this light post/ wall"
-0.6369 Anakin joins the Empire, until he gets noticed by Palpatine, and is recruited or attacked by a jealous Darth Maul, winning but losing an arm.
-0.6249 At worst, verify with a manager.
-0.6249 Anakin learns Maul was Palpatine's student, accepts his teachings, and later assumes control of the Empire when Palpatine is poisoned by his enemies.
-0.6124 The "cowardly French" thing pisses me right off too.
-0.5994 Was there any wind or snow between time of death and discovery?
-0.5798 Let's not bicker and argue over who killed who!