/u/Trezzie is slightly positive.

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.6908 Yes, but I was reminiscing fondly on the modes items
0.6886 " New items, minions that you can change based on your strategy, it was the single most played game mode I played, including URF!
0.6597 A word from Freeza, a glance at Beerus, and a smile or straight faced Whis will probably be enough to convince Vegeta.
0.636 Everything else works wonderfully!
0.5994 It saved all the crew in cargo as well.
0.5916 Would have probably figured it out on next time I reload the page anyway, but I appreciate it!
0.5719 Eternal bliss.
0.5719 What's taters, Precious?
0.5267 It's Justice o'clock
0.5079 It would be so cool!
0.4588 Askit, you should have protected your electronics, silly goose.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8588 Sounds like you've been hurt so bad both your arms are broken.
-0.8126 Hell, you almost broke the shield!
-0.7251 Wait, so I've beaten potentially infinite foes?
-0.6114 The horror!
-0.5859 I believe a surgery with an unapproved material type would be an unapproved procedure.
-0.5423 Ah, oops, my bad.
-0.5267 "No no, I asked for a cup of just ice.
-0.5267 What, the stupid metal bucket?
-0.4767 Yikes, that Bach thing is a terrible painting.
-0.4753 I don't recall hair being stronger than concrete, killing things with one punch is a power!
-0.4753 "My chain broke!
-0.4753 The new facets of interaction in every way, instead of, "it's aram with poros" or "It's dominion, but with no turrets!