/u/Trezzie is kind of a dick.

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0.8387 Definitely recommend Factorio if you decide you want a game with the capacity to absorb all thoughts for months, especially if you enjoy modding after experiencing something
0.7717 You sound like the best fry cook.
0.6908 That should keep my home satisfied, and I'll keep supporting you.
0.6697 So, chance of one of Dany's Dragons going north of the wall to save Jon and Co?
0.6597 Still needs to be paired with Iron Will to function as a survival, though. I got you sounds like only to be good for grinding.
0.6486 I would remain, but the ice fortress back home is apparently pretty drafty.
0.6249 People like to make money off their creations.
0.6239 I will be The One! Top 3 favorite movie of all time.
0.5994 Are the odds increased, or was I just lucky?
0.5411 Out of hand, or just hitting their prime?!
0.4939 It's just pretty.

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-0.872 This is correct, with the stairs thing, and the hook, I think is more unknown, but I don't see it as a problem, since they die in time anyway.
-0.7906 I think it's a crime humanity views it as bad.
-0.7717 Remember the bomb he made in episode one from spare parts in the garage to destroy all life on earth so Morty and Jessica could be the new Adam and Eve of humanity?
-0.765 Enough to stop a bullet from killing you?
-0.7579 He's losing control, so it'd make sense to die from one of the few things he can still control, maybe Robin?
-0.7506 Or, choking on a fish bone, a la the Tully revenge.
-0.7269 It'd be a death no one would be expecting.
-0.7269 Domestic abuse cases usually require someone gets put in a cell for a night, to cool off at minimum, and allow a flee at worst.
-0.6597 Enough to cause to ricochet off your skull instead of killing you?
-0.6486 Dead rat, actually.
-0.6486 Dead rats were always trying to sneak into her class.
-0.6239 I"m nobodies bitch!