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0.9476 This was such an entertaining mix of great questions, great topics and of course, a great guest!
0.9426 This is awesome to hear it made you speak out loud :D Thank you so much for leaving a comment and for enjoying yourself ;)
0.9379 I'd use a lot of it in the same way, with this awesome community :) And in such lovely tea cup too, thank you!
0.9261 That's so amazing to hear - I didn't think it would work so effectively so it's great that you felt it!
0.9164 Heya GG :) That whole Peter Kay sketch is side-splitting, thanks for reminding me of it :D
0.9151 Welcome and happy to hear you found it appealing! There are few others that might tickle your fancy in my post history. Thank you for trying something new and giving it a go ;)
0.9139 There's so much smile on my face right now :D It really makes the effort so worthwhile to read these words, thank you!
0.9074 I hope you enjoy some more and you're welcome :)
0.9055 If only one person listened it'd be reward enough :) I'm so very happy to have made your day!
0.9013 O_O I hope you didn't get caught listening ;) It's always a pleasure to see a comment from you galanthia, thank you! *rocks gently on his heels smiling*
0.9011 No such thing as late with this thread, I hope to dip in here for inspiration so please keep 'em coming! Teasing / denial is already something that I get a kick out of so I'd be happy to oblige...

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-0.69 Oh the innuendo is killing me!
-0.4588 I remember seeing an episode or two before I was sucked in to Stranger Things.
-0.4412 guess I'll never really know. Thanks for listening electric!
-0.4019 If I ever tried doing that I would go so far off topic it'd lose all appeal
-0.3612 Ahh, sorry I missed it.
-0.3404 [MFW] I was just reading through the thread, saw the mention and reddit hadn't notified me. Thank you!
-0.296 I have no idea how I know this apart from years of being a redditor...
-0.2732 Tremble at the knees, I wonder?
-0.0129 From what I remember it was an interesting idea for a show but found it a bit tricky to keep a track of the characters and their relationships. *re-adds to Netflix list*
0.0 I do tend to edit in a quiet environment which would be why the playback level is under-gained.
0.0 This tests my memory...
0.0 Hahah This is a really unique idea and although it may take some time and preparation to do to a realistic-like standard I'm quite intrigued by it.