/u/Trees_gwa is very positive!

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0.9694 This is such fantastic news and I'm so thrilled for you :D It's so gratifying when good things happen to good people
0.9673 Dude this is brilliant! "For her pleasure" - I laughed out loud. That's a really good horse sound! Great surprise choice too!
0.9379 I'd use a lot of it in the same way, with this awesome community :) And in such lovely tea cup too, thank you!
0.9233 Plz!? These were so good, especially the sheep when you got into it! That bullfrog, that was a new one to me! I love the way the horse sound trailed off into laughter too!
0.9164 Heya GG :) That whole Peter Kay sketch is side-splitting, thanks for reminding me of it :D
0.9047 Insta-replay! It's really good to hear the effect works so well for you and you're welcome to make yourself at home in this wee corner :)
0.9039 I'm just happy there were a few! I didn't know I had mind-reading abilities so I'll try to keep using these powers for pleasurable goodness! There's demand for a tit-fuck audio?
0.9031 Fuck this was SO good! Watching Tarzan, "as you do" :D That did make me laugh, thank you!
0.9008 I the IT Crowd too :D Thank you for bringing a smile to my face this afternoon, I needed it :)
0.8967 this just might be a particular turn on of mine so I'd be happy to oblige at some point in the future! Thank you and have a lovely weekend!
0.8932 That's fine by me j/k :) Thank you for listening and giggling!

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-0.7876 Oh yeah, I think I saw something about that a while back but reddit search fails me :(
-0.69 Oh the innuendo is killing me!
-0.4588 I remember seeing an episode or two before I was sucked in to Stranger Things.
-0.4019 If I ever tried doing that I would go so far off topic it'd lose all appeal
-0.3867 Jesus fuck, I couldn't stop laughing at this! Well done Crimson, well done!
-0.3612 Ahh, sorry I missed it.
-0.3595 No deletes!
-0.3404 [MFW] I was just reading through the thread, saw the mention and reddit hadn't notified me. Thank you!
-0.2732 Tremble at the knees, I wonder?
-0.2411 not sure when it's out in the rest of the world
-0.0129 From what I remember it was an interesting idea for a show but found it a bit tricky to keep a track of the characters and their relationships. *re-adds to Netflix list*
0.0 Hahahah Bravo Rileaux!