/u/Trees_gwa is very positive!

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0.9673 Dude this is brilliant! "For her pleasure" - I laughed out loud. That's a really good horse sound! Great surprise choice too!
0.9662 Your kind words really brightened my evening and I'm kinda relieved to hear I did it justice :D I'm only too happy to give away well-earned treats!
0.9426 Thank you for the lovely comment, I'm so glad I brought a smile to your face :)
0.9313 Why, thank you for doing as I ask Sillycute ;) I hope you enjoy it as many times as you like, as long as you're a good girl
0.9134 ;) Meanwhile, I hope everyone's been enjoying all this glorious solstice weather!
0.9059 This playlist is perfect for today and a great opener with Ms Simone, thanks!!
0.8997 I'm ok with speechlessness ;) and I'm pleased to hear you liked my dom side! Thanks for listening rainy!
0.8957 Well reading these kind words just put a huge smile on my face too and thank you so much for taking a moment to comment echorange
0.893 Yes, there's a clock too - you do have a good ear delphi :) Thank you for the feedback!!
0.8868 *Muuuhahah* I'm so glad you enjoyed it peaches :) *devilishes around*
0.8745 *scoops up Kado and puts her back together* This comment made me smile so much I think people around me are wondering if I'm normal ha! You're always welcome and thank **you** for listening!

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-0.9022 Try at first to not let yourself become disappointed and frustrated that you lost focus and see it as a failure to meditate 'properly'.
-0.6334 I've been away caught up in real-world stuff so I've unfortunately been away from my mic and unable to record. I've missed posting and being around these parts!
-0.5448 Sorry not sorry I loved this back-and-forth!
-0.4926 That sounds rather painful!
-0.4588 Be still my beating heart
-0.4144 Damn that voice of yours, you almost had me feeling sorry for your character...
-0.2263 Not as a reaction to stress or events but just because.
-0.1511 Sorry to hear about your tooth growly!
-0.1007 I'd forgotten about that part! Apparently I'm told that I can do an American accent although I've refrained from posting a recording of the different types - lest I offend anyone with the attempt :)
-0.0516 "Shit, did I leave the iron on?".
-0.0191 "The iron doesn't matter now.
0.0 With this image before my eyes, I would say so!