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0.9628 More tea is the answer :) Super happy that you liked it and yes I do still have a voice which I'm thankful for.
0.9527 I wish I could say I prepare the sheets especially but I just make use of what I have :D Thank you for the lovely comments!
0.9381 Win / win. Thank you for the tip, I'll definitely be giving it a go!
0.9348 I had thought about editing that moment out but just left it in anyway :) I'm happy to have made you feel good!
0.92 This is an awesome audio u/John17999 and thank you to all you lovely, irresistible ladies! How can we mere mortal men handle the hotness of this?
0.9186 Thank you Blue, I'm glad you found it soothing and relaxing :) I'll see what I can do about putting more of these up here
0.9099 I really appreciate it and happy to know it was helpful :)
0.9022 I'm glad you found it relaxing, especially since it was an off-the-cuff thing. Cross your fingers with me, for good laptop news :)
0.8996 I'm very pleased to hear you enjoyed the experience, the effort is all worth it! You're welcome!
0.8957 You're welcome, I hope your day got better :)
0.8868 You're too kind Sillycute :D I wouldn't have made it if it hadn't been for u/Brainy_babe's imaginings :)

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-0.898 I'm terribly sorry to disappoint, singing really isn't something I'm good at :(
-0.4939 There are dangers everywhere...
-0.3802 Heaven or hell, I'm there and everywhere!
-0.34 Those needy whispers of yours, *so very hot*
0.0 I'll be in my bunk...
0.0 *raises palm in the air* Epiphany-five!
0.0 [sleep-play] perhaps...
0.0 I'm aiming for doing one once a week .
0.0 [Aha!]
0.0 I much, MUCH prefer this option and even if it doesn't, hey, I still get local organic honey.
0.0 Those tags!
0.0 Size difference, unfff! Just how do you manage to do it *every.