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0.87 Glad you liked it :D
0.854 It's okay if you didn't find it funny, but I feel like policing this kind of humor or censoring certain jokes doesn't turn the dial of progression.
0.8201 There are many like it, but this one is the best.
0.8126 The joke isn't for everyone, but I appreciate your feedback and thank you for reading it.
0.8122 Thanks for the love r/funny!
0.8122 Thanks for the love on this one everybody!
0.7964 Thanks for the love.
0.7783 I appreciate you shedding light on something you are obviously well versed in :)
0.7603 Thank you :D
0.7351 r/doommetal is a more fitting home for this, but I still up'd cuz this is an amazing song off an incredible album.
0.7351 Wife showed me this from her FB feed, thought some of you would enjoy :)

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-0.899 I've yet to take this up, but I've heard the idea of exposing yourself to voluntary suffering reduces the impact of enduring involuntary suffering.
-0.7579 I just worry they'd get crappy really quick.
-0.7371 I usually post this comic every Veteran's Day with the qualifier that without our badass vets, I might not have the freedom to make these dumb comics.
-0.5994 Till death or the latest update do us part. [Source] [Twitter]
-0.5994 Till death or the latest update do us part.
-0.5574 -from the guy who you tried to make feel shitty for doing the same thing.
-0.4767 To me that is evidence of poor dispersal of proper diet and exercise information.
-0.4019 Damn, way outta line.
-0.3818 Sorry for your loss.
-0.3716 And that's the heart of this comic - you seem to think Karen is the bad guy, but any reader who knows how our culture hurts girls knows it's the CEO. Thanks.
-0.3612 I like your thought experiment, but it only serves as a straw man argument to propel your point.
-0.34 Nature is cruel, ha.