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0.87 Glad you liked it :D
0.854 It's okay if you didn't find it funny, but I feel like policing this kind of humor or censoring certain jokes doesn't turn the dial of progression.
0.8455 Awesome :D
0.8201 There are many like it, but this one is the best.
0.8126 The joke isn't for everyone, but I appreciate your feedback and thank you for reading it.
0.8122 Thanks for the love r/funny!
0.7964 Thanks for the love.
0.7783 I appreciate you shedding light on something you are obviously well versed in :)
0.7603 Thank you :D
0.7351 r/doommetal is a more fitting home for this, but I still up'd cuz this is an amazing song off an incredible album.
0.7096 Good luck.

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-0.899 I've yet to take this up, but I've heard the idea of exposing yourself to voluntary suffering reduces the impact of enduring involuntary suffering.
-0.7579 I just worry they'd get crappy really quick.
-0.5994 Till death or the latest update do us part. [Source] [Twitter]
-0.5994 Till death or the latest update do us part.
-0.5574 -from the guy who you tried to make feel shitty for doing the same thing.
-0.4767 To me that is evidence of poor dispersal of proper diet and exercise information.
-0.4019 Damn, way outta line.
-0.3818 Sorry for your loss.
-0.3716 And that's the heart of this comic - you seem to think Karen is the bad guy, but any reader who knows how our culture hurts girls knows it's the CEO. Thanks.
-0.3612 I like your thought experiment, but it only serves as a straw man argument to propel your point.
-0.34 Nature is cruel, ha.
-0.3182 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoLLraHtwOM If you feel any guilt or hesitation about listening to it without buying it, you should consider donating to Sam's Patreon page ;)