/u/Too_long_didnt_read is a total dick!

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0.8625 Yep, AWALT pretty much sums up MGTOW perfectly.
0.7351 Hitler was pretty cute tbh
0.7269 That was a pretty good film actually
0.7244 Hitler did nothing wrong, faggot.
0.6025 Pretty much was no reason tbh fam. Could have nuked Japan as much as they wanted and Hitler would not give a shit.
0.5377 Hitler did nothing wrong, faggot By that point USA was already attacking the German navy in international waters, while pretending to be neutral.
0.5267 Yep, literally every comic or joke directed at liberals will get massively downvoted here.
0.4767 His comment was fine, just suggested that he only "used to" miss his SO when she went away, which I thought was funny.
0.4588 I made a newfriend :)
0.4449 If you think this isn't illegal try copying this, you'll be explaining it to a judge.

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-0.8934 Hitler was right to be pissed against "neutral" Roosevelt who was supplying his enemy and attacking German ships.
-0.802 Stupid bitch
-0.779 They are both faggots who can't stop 'mirin my ass
-0.765 shut the fuck up you silly cunt or I'll put you in the fucking ground
-0.765 What the fuck is wrong with you?
-0.7579 You died of dysentery :(
-0.7184 No, it's fraud
-0.6908 You should prolly kill urself tbh fam
-0.6908 Wanted to rule Europe instead and kill Russians when he was done there.
-0.6908 He should prolly just kill himself tbh fam
-0.68 You shut your whore mouth!