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0.916 I'm just an IG buddy of hers, but she is such a sweetheart and such an inspiration!
0.9078 I really love the layout, and the modern Romans were a great touch! Regarding smeared gouache, I'd recommend working on paper you can make corrections to, so you can scrape off the smeared paint.
0.8906 I'd suggest looking for a more faithful exemplar, either from a modern calligrapher of good repute, or taking a look through old manuscripts as linked to on the sidebar. All the best!
0.8885 I think this looks much better already with the corrected slant, and you're doing a good job keeping it consistent. Some CC: take care to close letters like D and A.
0.8622 :) Thank you for the lovely words!
0.847 Try for less of a 90 degree turn, and more of a gentle curve that follows the line. Thanks for sharing!
0.8398 Looks like you have some good answers to your questions here, so I just wanted to say kudos for getting new nibs and trying it out again!
0.8338 The script is already all majuscules, but if you felt the desire to punctuate a sentence with a larger versal, Romans or even Lombardic are better suited than the gothic style you have here.
0.8225 That's why most of my descenders are a bit on the "weak" side, to make sure they weren't going to interfere with the next line. The title text is courtesy of an amazing suggestion by one Mr.
0.822 I think your Y is pretty nice, but I'm really impressed by your N.
0.8176 Hey there, thanks for sharing, and a nice piece overall.

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-0.69 The text block *was* difficult!
-0.68 Shame no one's answered you yet!
-0.6597 Otherwise, not only are you hurting yourself, you're hurting the industry at large.
-0.5423 When you say your x-height is bad, what do you mean exactly?
-0.4824 If they can't tell the difference between my work, a computer, and someone who calls themselves a calligrapher but has no idea what they're doing, then they aren't a client I want.
-0.4404 Otherwise, you'd be writing on damaged paper, which is likely not sized below the surface.
-0.3818 I don't think you need to worry about setting off a sentence with a larger letter.
-0.3744 D especially can get confused for "c-l" if it's not closed.
-0.3612 Your A strikes me as a bit too wide, and your N too narrow.
-0.3612 I doubt it ever will be.
-0.3197 Next, your flag serifs are hitting the stems at 90 degree angles, it should be more fluid and less severe than that.
-0.3182 It's much rarer that someone says, "I am in desperate need of a hand-calligraphed piece of art" .