/u/Tomhasit is very positive!

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0.916 I'm just an IG buddy of hers, but she is such a sweetheart and such an inspiration!
0.9134 :) Thanks for sharing such a wonderful piece!
0.8906 I'd suggest looking for a more faithful exemplar, either from a modern calligrapher of good repute, or taking a look through old manuscripts as linked to on the sidebar. All the best!
0.8885 I think this looks much better already with the corrected slant, and you're doing a good job keeping it consistent. Some CC: take care to close letters like D and A.
0.8814 Yay! And thank you :D
0.8807 I don't have the book on me at the moment, but I'm pretty sure this piece is in Stan Knight's Historical Scripts book, and he reproduces a section of it at original size.
0.8658 This is a great habit to keep in mind as you practice any script, and is definitely better than just writing a couple words here and there.
0.8622 :) Thank you for the lovely words!
0.8478 Feel free to disregard if you like, and all the best in your practice!
0.847 Try for less of a 90 degree turn, and more of a gentle curve that follows the line. Thanks for sharing!
0.8338 The script is already all majuscules, but if you felt the desire to punctuate a sentence with a larger versal, Romans or even Lombardic are better suited than the gothic style you have here.

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-0.8885 I've been away from the sub for a bit, but coming back and seeing that your post has no comments is a damn shame.
-0.807 Not disappointed. Dude, that manipulation is insane!
-0.69 The text block *was* difficult!
-0.68 Shame no one's answered you yet!
-0.6597 Otherwise, not only are you hurting yourself, you're hurting the industry at large.
-0.6249 I think you can give constructive criticism even if you are at the same skill level, or lower, than the person you critique.
-0.5927 The paper has been sprayed with ink, but the pen is also filled with a dye-based ink which is notorious for bleeding.
-0.5106 The frustrating ones are the people who either delete all their old comments and submissions frequently, or the ones who submit SO MUCH in so many other subs that it's hard to find their calligraphy.
-0.5095 It's crazy small. As for the N, it's a very tricky letter, and it involves angle changes to steepen the first and third strokes.
-0.4939 This line of inquiry will just drive you stark-raving mad.
-0.4824 If they can't tell the difference between my work, a computer, and someone who calls themselves a calligrapher but has no idea what they're doing, then they aren't a client I want.
-0.4588 Sometimes I had too much water sitting there, so I wiped the paintbrush off and "sucked up" the water with the drier bristles.