/u/ToKeYMonsTeR is a total dick!

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0.9349 Freedom, liberty, justice, bravery, etc.
0.9223 And it's a police action, kinetic engagement, double plus good mission of freedom, not a war.
0.7777 "We just dropped the bomb, we are innocent!" I think ISIS is scum and people like you are scum too.
0.7736 At least I didn't fuck up a several hundred million dollar ship like these fucking retards. Greatest military on earth defeated by a cargo ship.
0.7632 Oooo a bunch of retards watched the building but couldnt tell their ass from their face so that makes it ok.
0.7096 Probably helped execute some women and kids like his brave brothers in arms.
0.7096 Brave like the Navy Seal who shot an 8 year old girl in the throat.
0.6997 The favor, fucking lol.
0.6908 This is Imgoingtohell, of course you have tons of US military supporters lol
0.6399 "Pajit said it was okay, permission granted to launch MOAB." "shouldn't we check first, sir?" "PAJIT SAID IT WAS OKAY GOD DAMN IT!"
0.6369 Unless it's from an American freedom jet/drone, right?

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-0.9623 If you murder civilians to kill badguys that murder civilians, you are the same human shit.
-0.9612 The only people who deserve any sympathy were the defending nations, but still none for them if you go off and start raping and murdering for revenge.
-0.9477 No matter what they do, who they kill, what they destroy, y'all will suck their dick endlessly.
-0.9454 Not as big of a cunt as the cowardly dick sucking fuckers who shoot little kids and drop bombs on families.
-0.9432 You found a bullshit excuse which trivializes the death of 140 people in 2 different airstrikes cause the retards were too incompetent to find out what the fuck they were bombing.
-0.9403 You fail to mention the other people killed in a different strike or how the incompetent fucks didnt think to find out if there were other people inside or around the target.
-0.9356 So the even dumber fucks in the US military will murder based on intel from people the entire world considers retarded.
-0.9325 The smartest people my ass, they have now dropped bombs on 8 counties in the past 16 years, caused death and pain to millions and emboldened tons of terrorist organizations while defeating 0.
-0.93 maybe if the people and government stop murdering and torturing people I'll stop bitching.
-0.9274 Or people who were in shit situations and did stupid shit and are overly punished for it.
-0.9217 To deny that just shows you all will suck military dick no matter the fuck up.
-0.9217 Maybe once you stop gagging on that uniformed cock, you will see what incompetent murderous fucks they've been for the past 16 years and counting.