/u/ToKeYMonsTeR is a total dick!

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0.8271 Do they have super amazing microphones on those drones to listen to conversations from 3 miles away?
0.8176 You sound like a nice and compassionate person.
0.7845 lol its a lot in afghani money, ok that makes it better.
0.7717 Also make sure to treat him as subhuman with strict laws banning him from receiving help after you blow up his country.
0.7003 Such a nice clean number.
0.5773 Listening for Ahmed to say "cant wait to kill some infidels today" Then a US general says "GREEN LIGHT ON AIRSTRIKE" They are militants simply by gathering or displaying "suspicious" behavior.
0.4927 Sounds so good.
0.4926 surely another year or 2 more and it will work!
0.4215 Democratic People's Republic of the United States.
0.4173 So keep supporting those bombs and pretend they are working.
0.4144 The left and rightwing boogeymen are more refined, they like to explode people from large distances and shove metal tubes up prisoner's asses.

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-0.9493 I think 80 years of terror is worse than a day of terror. And just to add, 1 day of terror for Americans = 15 years and still counting of terror for several countries.
-0.9201 No shit, but many of these kids die and there is 0, absolutely 0 evidence, that they have weapons.
-0.9169 You faggots are just as bad as the donald faggots
-0.9153 The US needs to declare war or people need to stop crying when they are called pieces of shit for bombing and shooting people.
-0.9137 Nah I'm mad at the little bitches that shot a little girl in the throat and killed a bunch of civilians.
-0.91 And stop comparing these bullshit conflicts to a world war.
-0.9081 Its beyond pathetic that people would find that damning while ignoring the mountain of shit against the other candidates.
-0.9062 You can't smell your own shit and non stop cry about everyone else stinking.
-0.8977 That's why your hate of Islam holds no water, and you can rant and rave all you want but the scary homeless women with 3 kids is gonna conquer your country and you cant do anything to stop it!
-0.8955 Bomb a country, kill tons of civilians, and create chaos throughout... "we were attacked!"
-0.8923 They are completely incapable of destroying my civilization or its history through violent means or economic/social means.
-0.886 No terrorists, except for all the terrorists.