/u/Throwawaybj12211991 is very positive!

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0.926 I love these raobj with the photos, great pictures love it
0.9191 Your AWESOME, Love your hair too :)
0.8979 Yes please, would love to help you out
0.886 Try vidtrim, I use it for my lifting videos and it works pretty well, free too lol
0.8828 haha i love my latina girls so much lol
0.8714 That was great, like it very much :)
0.8674 Excuse me, but i just fell in love with you, if thats ok?
0.8625 lol Going to have to explain that one to me haha xD
0.8553 Yes, please, full videos would be awesome!
0.8481 Like everyone else say, your gorgeous, hot, other compliments.
0.836 I get alot dms asking for my face, it's pretty funny lol

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6908 You're sexy as hell, would eat and fuck all your holes
-0.5859 Hmm that's weird that he would think you are a scammer or fake, cause your profile isn't new new and you got a verification for dirtyr4r
-0.5574 That's good, I would hate for it to go to waste
-0.4404 Would suck on all day
-0.34 Damn, it's a Asian girl with a ass, wow
-0.2808 IDK, should I be PMing you?
-0.25 Stuck in my head now
-0.25 Well that sucks, Hopefully you get your dick
-0.2023 Damn, tasty ;)
-0.2023 Hot damn at it again ;)
-0.1779 A big butt white girl "Phat ass White Girl" lol
-0.1531 Good gosh dat ass though