/u/Throwaway200762 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9274 Love your bush, love your breasts and love the pantyhose.
0.9217 Lovely smile, beautiful breasts and cute panties.
0.8655 Love those panties and love your little pussy!
0.8585 Great body, lovely bush!!
0.8516 Beautiful eyes and superb breasts!
0.8271 You have beautiful breasts and a lovely bush.
0.8225 Wonderful eyes and beautiful breasts.
0.8176 Beautiful body and a fantastic bush.
0.8122 I love a good bush!
0.802 Love the cute little bush BTW.
0.7964 The best bit about getting a gift is caressing and squeezing it first to try and guess what's inside.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5423 You smooth talking bastard.
-0.4404 Painful looking burn.
-0.4215 I've studied all of your previous pictures but can see anything missing.
-0.3818 What makes me uncomfortable is the panties being under the suspenders.
-0.3818 They look uncomfortable.
-0.3595 I missed that!
-0.3164 They are torn!
-0.296 You have no need to feel self conscious.
-0.2732 I don't see anything to be nervous about.
0.0 His wife waddled down the aisle 8 months pregnant ages 16 yrs and a week old.
0.0 Everybody said it wouldn't last.
0.0 I went to their 25th wedding anniversary.