/u/Thirty_Thirty is very positive!

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0.9643 Love love love it when a cute girl gets her sexy dirty look on :)
0.9632 Wow wow wow amazing tits and gorgeous face need more!!
0.9493 I'm loving your vids and pics, I make sure I watch them all and send the links to my friends :) I want more closeups of that pussy tho babe ;) be a good girl for me plz
0.9369 Mmmm I damm LOVE those huge nipples more please sexy!!!
0.9164 dammm u are sexy, just wish u didn't delete ur older posts :D was about to enjoy them and most are gone :( anychance some more revealing ones to help me out?
0.9136 unique is what makes us all special and different and why we all fall in love and are sexually attracted to different people :)
0.9081 Love it and love the uniform :)
0.9055 Mmm love how they flop look like they have some amazing weight to them hehe nothing sexier than tits like urs on a petite girl
0.9033 That looks like one amazing squat butt hehe so dam perfect hun!!!
0.885 Mmmmmmmmm love it when a girl spreads her holes like that especially one as sexy as you xxxx
0.8779 wow that sounds like an unbelievable offer :)

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8074 Damn that is one hell of a body
-0.75 Ignore the dumbass!
-0.4404 a common trend foe me when it comes to your posts
-0.4019 damn what a view hehe xxx
-0.3182 Hell if you were sat on the couch next to me i would have your top down like that permanently...
-0.2263 you could sit on my face and i would have no complaints :)
-0.1531 my hands, lips and cock would just be all over you amd that body...
-0.0026 well if you don't like it don't read it..
0.0 How on earth havd i not found you sooner!?!?!
0.0 Going through ur posts now...
0.0 "enjoying" them.
0.0 I switched to skyn as they are the only ones in Aus that do a large variation...