/u/TheyCallMeJellydish is very positive!

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0.9231 Thanks for rating me, was happy to inspire you :)
0.9079 Got a cute Zelda shirt instead, so pretty happy after all!
0.8793 Yes, you can, but I'll need your friend code first to add you :)
0.8636 Great shot XD
0.8619 Wow, thank you, that's so cool!
0.8563 I'm not mad or anything - it can happen to anyone :) You wanted to help a stranger and that's the important thing!
0.8555 Was happy to help :)
0.8264 Thanks again for the tip! Btw, I love your town name!
0.807 And mayor as well :) Thanks for trading!
0.807 Thanks for the great tip!
0.7997 Oh, thank you so much, you are so kind!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5707 Just like a screaming angry piggy!
-0.4767 Was anything wrong?
-0.4574 The gate is open! edit: I've re-opened the gate after getting the error
-0.3595 Please don't or I'll feel bad too!
-0.296 I did not remove online because I closed the post, sorry about confusing you.
-0.296 Sorry about that :( I've seen Filbert for trade here a couple of times during past couple of weeks, so maybe you'll get another chance soon.
-0.296 There's no rush.
-0.1531 It was a wrong link, thank you for letting me know.
-0.0987 It's important to let you nail polish dry before doing a design, so if you don't have a quick-dry top coat, I would skip the in-between top coat, because less coats of polish equals less drying time.
-0.0772 Sorry, already opened the gate for another mayor, I'll let you know when I'm open for you.
-0.0572 Don't want to TT since I have some turnips.
0.0 http://reddit.com/r/ACTrade/comments/6cgumi/fs_bushes/dhuiip7