/u/TheyCallMeJellydish is very positive!

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0.9118 Congrats on getting your RMM, hope you have lots of fun trading :)
0.9109 And for doing this earlier than we agreed - really appreciate it :) I would gladly rate you, if you'd like!
0.9042 It was nice meeting you, enjoy your new friend :)
0.8934 Such a nice gift :) And what a cute collection.
0.8883 I would love to participate :) I will pick up 5 bags, my favorite personality is cranky! [My RMM]
0.8809 Wow, thank you, that's so nice of you!
0.8709 5/5 Very quick and easy trade - what a pleasure :) https://www.reddit.com/r/ACTrade/comments/66v8e4/fs_lots_of_different_items/dgllffo/
0.8678 5/5 Gave me a generous amount of apples, very polite and friendly :) http://reddit.com/r/ACTrade/comments/65xz3h/lf_an_apple_ft_bells_other_fruit/
0.8519 Hope this gives you some inspiration :)
0.8481 If you'd like me to rate you, I'll be happy to :)
0.8353 That's really nice of you :) I can rate you if you'd like me to!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5994 I'll reserve it for you, no problem.
-0.4767 That's a shame :( Thanks anyway.
-0.2756 You can sell for 188 in my town! Edit:I may have a better price in three hours, but I'm not entirely sure
-0.1611 In my country Nintendo was not popular and widespread while I was growing up.
0.0 http://reddit.com/r/ACTrade/comments/67eahf/lf_wishlist_ft_trade_list/dgptjr5
0.0 I'll rate you now.
0.0 [Here's my rmm], if you have the time.
0.0 https://www.reddit.com/r/ACTrade/comments/672rqg/lf_pink_roses_and_carnations_and_pinkblue/dgn6t4p/
0.0 I can give you samurai shirt.
0.0 Tried to rate you but wasn't able to, because rmm is archived.
0.0 [Here's my RMM] if you have the time.
0.0 I can give you 5 hydrangea bushes in total.