/u/Therealcrabpeople is very positive!

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0.9476 Been right up there with Grubby for me :) Lots of fun, knowledge sharing, and just good ol' dickin' around :) Encourage all to drop in some time!
0.886 I've accumulated a group of about 50 players I have Mythic+'d with and its helped form a tight knit x-realm group of people who I enjoy playing with. I hope you find some peace in this thread.
0.884 Thanks for going with this, hopefully it'll increase viewership and interest in the game.
0.8834 Requesting NA guest Pass Please PM Status : None received yet I appreciate anybody's generosity :)
0.8807 I know it doesn't answer the root question of your prevention for you comma but if it might be able to help your family and Advance the research and Alzheimer's disease that would be great.
0.8794 I will never stop buying expansions if they proceed on like this. Well done, and I look forward to a great expansion!
0.8625 I hope your new endeavors are fruitful and you're able to be happy :)
0.8425 I figured out the console commands 2 days ago and was SUPER EXCITED!
0.836 I was glad to make a few easy thousand gold :)
0.8271 Loving the subtle wow reference.
0.8172 Vox definitely caught my eye tonight, but I'm super stoked for my main man [InsomniaQQ_] and Grandmaster Jackets!

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-0.6062 Damn it, who let Czar out of his cage???? Czar!
-0.5859 Grandmaster Jackets and Vox games were crazy tense the whole time.
-0.5423 If you encounter someone who's a dick out of the blue - be sure to ignore them.
-0.4588 That's unfortunate OP.
-0.4404 Only get 1 from the cache of weapons
-0.4003 If only more people used sources to argue a side....imagine the possibilities!
-0.3612 None in spam.
-0.2732 This sounds like shit and will just put a sour taste in anybodys mouth when someone sees esports.
-0.25 Tanks like that give us decent moral tanks a bad name.
-0.2431 The twitch vods have been very nice to avoid the late nights, and you can fast forward through all the crap.
-0.2263 I think many people forget that they are not the only TYPE of player out there.
-0.1779 Got weird virus notification on this page.