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0.9231 My friend and I had a period where we would say with tv"host" voice "Cooongratulations sir, you were the first caller to go through and therefore you'll win the grand prize of 2 parsnips"
0.8893 Well paying for 30/30, got 50/50 for free the next 6 months or something, and I have 57/57 :3 Steam Games takes no time :D EDIT: Link: http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/3285599571
0.873 :D and thanks for the links to the subreddit and IRC :) EDIT: I see you have a config yml and a series yml?
0.8689 i think the best way is either to post some keys at a time, or just hand them out to random folks :p
0.8214 That sounds really cool too! Seems like I've got some testing to do. thanks!
0.807 Thank you! that looks exactly like what I need Gonna try that out then :)
0.7783 Well it is too good to be true, so i would have been cautiousness too
0.765 Is the best or should i be able to just work with config.yml :p
0.7587 So if Intel makes less cores more powerful cores this is more ideal to gaming because AMD makes more cores, but gaming only supports 4 cores?
0.7587 Yes, just didn't want to write my external ip out to everyone :D )
0.743 okay thanks, seems like it works properly then, think I'll try it out.

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-0.7579 wtf his own channel only has half the views, damn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OfbyNDiBKc
-0.7224 What the hell - That game looks awesome! Not much cooperative but hell, in co-op games most of the fun come from killing your friends anyway
-0.5859 Cool down bro I made a post first where i wrote the show's name but there was a mistake in it, so i remade the post, which made me forget to write the name of the show down again
-0.5434 You forgot Ramsay Bolton - Game of Thrones... That little bitch
-0.4767 Spamming the A button in pokemon when throwing a pokeball..
-0.395 yea but I just meant it does not look like the standard plastic case
-0.296 No, it does not
-0.2263 Everybody knows you have to pay 10.000 $ for a gaming rig that can outpeform the consoles, trololol
-0.2123 Does anyone know any alternatives to some more premium looking Pi cases because im getting so tired of all the plastic/transparent cases This one in brushed aluminium is looking real good
-0.0772 I got my first phone Nokia 3310 when I was 6-7 years old Easy way to get in contact with your parents and played the hell out of Snake.
0.0 Er du sikker?
0.0 Som jeg forstr det skal man kun betale hvis man ejer et licenspligtigt apparat