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0.8126 It's only 5%, the biggest one is +170% from relative power and having England supporting them which I'm pretty sure is mostly from England since I have a larger army than them.
0.7964 I love a good wholesome Harold meme
0.7906 Thanks, this is awesome
0.743 Ok I followed your strategy and got Alexandria along with 3 provinces from Tunis, [here's a screenshot of it just to show the great name placement]
0.7351 I'm not actually American I just thought it'd be an easy nation to start the game as, I'll try playing it again as a different nation though like maybe Prussia.
0.7003 I just tightened it and it sounds a lot better now thanks
0.6908 nice thanks
0.6783 Ok I'm going to try and build up another stack and ally Portugal then try this thanks, I'll try and update later
0.6652 [Here's] a full guide on it if you want it in detail but that's pretty much the general idea.
0.6597 Was just hoping to look at toms and choose, not really got anything I'm focused on getting
0.6486 All my mods are graphical or minor changes like killable children, there's nothing in there I'd consider to make the game easier

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-0.8415 It feels to me that getting angry and frustrated at things aren't helpful at doing anything other than telling me I need to work on being more patient.
-0.7964 I used Rufus to install Ubuntu onto a USB stick and it doesn't run, I made a post on /r/Ubuntu but would this be a problem with my Ubuntu or maybe is this a problem with my mobo?
-0.7706 It's still under warranty and I'm going to try and get a replacement right now but I don't want to get another one and just have it die in the same way.
-0.706 I'm using Windows 7 but that doesn't matter since my hard drive is broken, the computer I installed Ubuntu with was windows 10 though.
-0.6597 If they're still there it makes it a pain to feed in India since I can't just vassalise a small nation because they're tech is too low
-0.6249 I can use the claim throne thing CB though if they have no heir or a weak heir
-0.6124 I can't dow one of their allies but I can just press one of Castille's claims on them and declare war straight on England, would that work?
-0.611 I've only tried guitar tuna and the fender tuner apps though but it happens all the time and it's really annoying to get the G string tuned.
-0.591 The Mamluks also have 50k troops, Morrocco have 33k and Mali have 25k, they're all behind on tech but I only have 60k right now so I'm not confident I could take them all on.
-0.5118 When he switched to political map mode by accident I got so excited then he just switched back to dirty terrain mode
-0.4939 why would I use a mod that gives me all the achievements that's cheating and ruins all the fun
-0.489 Before I got a PU over Castille they lost it and I've never been bothered to get it back.