/u/Theevilnerd42 is very positive!

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0.9307 Thank you <3 I couldn't have done it without everyone at /r/wholesomememes upvoting and being so kind though, so they're really the ones that are amazing!
0.8834 Much love friend <3
0.8797 I made a very similar meme a few hours ago and I have to say that seeing this one is very flattering <3 Keep up the great work man!
0.8687 Right now I'm getting stadiums of people giving me a thumbs up :) That's a great thought man!
0.8516 You're super awesome man!
0.8268 I always turn to this sub too now when I'm feeling down, which is great because it's not been all that nice of a Christmas!
0.8225 Hey this is my meme nice, glad you liked it
0.8221 Even distribution of wealth is a great idea Comrade!
0.8122 You're beautiful friend!
0.7964 Love you too man <3
0.7964 I love you <3

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8555 Whoops my bad, I spelled really bad in this picture :/
-0.7964 Stockholm is mine, it's a map error, give me at least 5/10 man you're killing me
-0.6597 If they're still there it makes it a pain to feed in India since I can't just vassalise a small nation because they're tech is too low
-0.6249 I can use the claim throne thing CB though if they have no heir or a weak heir
-0.6124 Hide the pain Harold is the meme name, [his actual name is Andras though]
-0.5563 If I revoke the land it's gonna make them really angry, is there any way to just get rid of the Dhimmi completely?
-0.5267 This is Polish revenge on the USSR
-0.5118 When he switched to political map mode by accident I got so excited then he just switched back to dirty terrain mode
-0.4932 This is sorted by most viewed so no
-0.4278 It can't be impossible because Castille gets Aragon and Naples under a PU right?
-0.4278 Doesn't Naples start under a PU with Aragon?
-0.4019 I have it it's just a problem with the timeline