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0.8225 Hey this is my meme nice, glad you liked it
0.8126 It's only 5%, the biggest one is +170% from relative power and having England supporting them which I'm pretty sure is mostly from England since I have a larger army than them.
0.7964 I love you <3
0.7906 Thanks, this is awesome
0.7527 I didn't steal this from you wow I just screenshotted it from his channel
0.743 The ability to tell allies what to do with their armies is something I've always wanted, hope they maybe add it to EU4 as well.
0.743 Ok I followed your strategy and got Alexandria along with 3 provinces from Tunis, [here's a screenshot of it just to show the great name placement]
0.7351 I'm not actually American I just thought it'd be an easy nation to start the game as, I'll try playing it again as a different nation though like maybe Prussia.
0.7269 That game actually sounds pretty good, will probably pick it up if it ever goes on sale.
0.7184 You're cute :)
0.7003 I just tightened it and it sounds a lot better now thanks

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-0.7964 Stockholm is mine, it's a map error, give me at least 5/10 man you're killing me
-0.6597 If they're still there it makes it a pain to feed in India since I can't just vassalise a small nation because they're tech is too low
-0.6249 I can use the claim throne thing CB though if they have no heir or a weak heir
-0.6124 I can't dow one of their allies but I can just press one of Castille's claims on them and declare war straight on England, would that work?
-0.611 I've only tried guitar tuna and the fender tuner apps though but it happens all the time and it's really annoying to get the G string tuned.
-0.591 The Mamluks also have 50k troops, Morrocco have 33k and Mali have 25k, they're all behind on tech but I only have 60k right now so I'm not confident I could take them all on.
-0.5563 If I revoke the land it's gonna make them really angry, is there any way to just get rid of the Dhimmi completely?
-0.5267 This is Polish revenge on the USSR
-0.5118 When he switched to political map mode by accident I got so excited then he just switched back to dirty terrain mode
-0.4932 This is sorted by most viewed so no
-0.489 Before I got a PU over Castille they lost it and I've never been bothered to get it back.
-0.4278 It can't be impossible because Castille gets Aragon and Naples under a PU right?