/u/Thediggitydank is very positive!

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0.9246 Happy Birthday to an inspiring and beautiful woman :)
0.8993 My brain likes making random connections and my heart likes making people laugh, so I guess it's natural.
0.8952 But really, you are perfectly welcome to worship whatever you want and I won't deride you for it.
0.8834 Thanks, hope you like what you see :) Lately I've been going between work, home, and the ball park.
0.875 aw thanks <3 and I love your work with potatoes
0.8689 My best friend loves to tease me about being recognized when we go out.
0.8646 I agree five months is too long, it created quite a backlog 0.0 Thank you for the kind words as always
0.8481 Thanks, I've been having fun with the new lens :)
0.8398 Glad you liked them, thanks!
0.8316 thanks, all better now with therapy :)
0.8271 it's an honor and a privilege :)

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.631 You can make your stand all you want, but it's arrogant to think you have it all figured out.
-0.4019 aw hell <3 you guys are still as hot as ever
-0.3182 Oh shit I need to pray harder.
-0.2732 time flies when you're having puns that was shameful but I'm leaving it
-0.128 I've been here lurking all along
-0.1027 aw shit I thought it was green in honor of the ninja turtles
0.0 Whitney Cummings
0.0 I'm a female but I don't know any other ladies who listen.
0.0 You're right, I have done the feet connoisseurs a disservice.
0.0 hang on, let me ask my husband
0.0 I mean, you kind of have to say the Beatles but Joe Cocker is a close second.