/u/Thediggitydank is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9246 Happy Birthday to an inspiring and beautiful woman :)
0.8993 My brain likes making random connections and my heart likes making people laugh, so I guess it's natural.
0.8952 But really, you are perfectly welcome to worship whatever you want and I won't deride you for it.
0.891 Thank you, hope your summer is great as well
0.8834 Thanks, hope you like what you see :) Lately I've been going between work, home, and the ball park.
0.8689 My best friend loves to tease me about being recognized when we go out.
0.8316 thanks, all better now with therapy :)
0.8316 thank you for the kind words <3
0.8126 happy happy cake cake
0.8126 Thanks, glad you like it
0.8016 That's quite a compliment coming from someone as lovely as yourself

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7321 still not sure how he avoided getting crushed or eaten by the dog
-0.631 You can make your stand all you want, but it's arrogant to think you have it all figured out.
-0.6249 ugh yeah that's just as bad
-0.5848 Fuck me it's an u/iamshyguy comment!
-0.5423 gotta get the poison out somehow
-0.5267 Fuck me silly.
-0.4767 Well call me Miss Jackson if you're nasty
-0.3182 Oh shit I need to pray harder.
-0.296 We missed y'all too
-0.2732 His pipe fitting skills are something to be envied
-0.1027 Then you've missed a significant portion of my crazy...
-0.0772 I'm sorry