/u/TheMasterPlan114 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8955 Amazing view, would love to see more like it.
0.8676 Absolutely gorgeous, would love to see more of you
0.8422 Amazing tits! And very sexy nipples ;)
0.8402 Haha it definitely shows when a woman actually enjoys the cum.
0.8384 Absolutely gorgeous and sexy.
0.836 I would love to hear a success story on this one
0.802 She certainly looks like fun
0.7906 Yes please haha
0.764 You look absolutely stunning, and that hair is really sexy.
0.75 Smart and sexy!
0.7424 Would love to see you playing with yourself!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.69 Holy fuck those tits!
-0.6669 Damn, those tits have me so hard.
-0.5848 The moment those shorts come off...holy fuck!
-0.5423 Holy fuck she's small
-0.4767 I think I've been going to the wrong bars
-0.3217 Doesn't really seem like a cosplay post to me
0.0 I look forward to it!
0.0 I was picking up my GF to go to the movies and she came out to my car wearing nothing but a long coat and heels.
0.0 That mouth has room for at least 2 cocks
0.0 What finally changed your mind?
0.0 - Threesome in a public place - Sex at a drive in movie theater - DP a girl - Random hook up on a vacation - Attend an orgy - Camping sex - 24 hour marathon - Fucking two sisters
0.0 Can't wait to see more!