/u/TheGoldenRino61 is kind of a dick.

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0.8402 A group of friends and i convinced a friend that a pizza cutter is called a "daller"
0.6705 Also you can easily tell where they are on the map because their territory is a perfect circle, instead of some awkward blob
0.6037 Bonus: Indoctrinate them into spirituality and CREATE the religion where you're their gods
0.5719 He must collect the 20 Corpse parts of a great Funko saint to transcend heaven
0.4939 Forsooth, [redistribute the wealth, comrade]
0.4404 You're new SO immediately leaves you for a new, better SO
0.4404 Hey, yo know what they say Never look a crystalline toothed gift horse in the mouth
0.3612 Thank mister skeletal
0.3612 A citizen of New York in like at least 30% of any action movies
0.3612 Seems like a bug to me
0.3597 Narancia is completely immune

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5719 Hide a cheat sheet behind the calculator in its case
-0.5423 I don't know, in my IMO , its AF as fuck
-0.5267 Cowboys would always lock eyes with their opponents, so if you make eye contact at the Red Light, you're basically challenging someone to a shoot out, which is rather impolite nowadays.
-0.5216 [Yes] Hybrid wasn't exactly the best choice of words.
-0.4939 Sometimes for me at least, the health bar in the lower corner won't turn black and yellow when doomed, but its random, and I don't really have an explanation
-0.4767 I mistook "reaction" for "retraction" and got too hype Now i am sad
-0.4574 What a shocking revelation!
-0.3612 Lukecis levels Dex, wears the fallen knight set, and thinks traps are gay
-0.3506 A lot of people have pointed out how Boingo's stand predicted Jotaro's death in part 6, but i haven't seen anyone point out how it predicted Jotaro getting shot three times.
-0.3182 There MUST be perversion.
-0.296 No, i pull out a battery, and i automatically jump off the titan,and i don't have battery at the end of it