/u/TheGoldenRino61 is kind of a dick.

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0.8402 A group of friends and i convinced a friend that a pizza cutter is called a "daller"
0.765 God is alive This is his gift to us
0.7096 Good luck commander 7
0.7096 For a second you can see "Justice of Kira" or something like that on a wall so it's still kira
0.6705 Also you can easily tell where they are on the map because their territory is a perfect circle, instead of some awkward blob
0.6369 Best thing about the holo.
0.5994 Congratulations
0.4019 Can't pick up the smart pistol
0.3751 For maximum pleasure, go as HARD and as FAST as you can from start to finish
0.3612 Thank mister skeletal
0.3597 Narancia is completely immune

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.886 Yeah you can pick up amped weapons, and when you die, if you're fast enough you can run back to where you died and pick up your own amped weapon.
-0.7717 It's meaning has been lost to time however, as most of the pages are worn, missing, or stuck together.
-0.6908 r/dankmemes they're all about child rape and nazis now
-0.6369 On today's episode of the Chewie and Fuckface superbest insomnia-cast: fucking theoretical physics?
-0.5994 XCOM 2: Long War Full LP Knowing Pat, not as long as it could be
-0.5423 I don't know, in my IMO , its AF as fuck
-0.5267 Saltmancy draws its power from the sorrow within oneself and those around it.
-0.5216 [Yes] Hybrid wasn't exactly the best choice of words.
-0.4767 I mistook "reaction" for "retraction" and got too hype Now i am sad
-0.4588 Its a free 700 damage direct attack
-0.3919 And in long war one of the final abilities the technical soldier can get is like a death blossom, but instead of shotguns, its a flamethrower
-0.3506 A lot of people have pointed out how Boingo's stand predicted Jotaro's death in part 6, but i haven't seen anyone point out how it predicted Jotaro getting shot three times.