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0.9605 I really wish I could be of help sorry, but I wish you the best of luck!!!
0.9359 Wow, dude seriously thanks A LOT for putting in the time and effort to write such a comprehensive answer I really appreciate it :D
0.9337 Yeah they're pretty awesome, in my opinion they're the band that succeeded in capturing the true essence of the Arab spring Revolutions
0.9008 Thanks u/KaTee1234 you're awesome :D
0.8816 Thanks :) yeah I have to pass first though :P
0.8519 Thanks for the kind words dude, Ramadan Mubarak to you too :)
0.8481 Hahaha well I'd put that on my list of blessings to count
0.836 Good luck buddy :)
0.836 Good luck ya man :)
0.836 Good luck, isa you're gonna get it :)
0.7506 Eyyy congrats to your sis, have a blast :)

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-0.7088 Oh what the hell, sign me up!
-0.5267 No idea bas they say there were no casualties el7
-0.3919 Yeah I had the same thought, he doesn't give a rat's ass about human rights violations, if she didn't have the US citizenship she'd still be in prison.
-0.3612 I doubt a conversation about the name of Kim Jong Un's haircut would last more than 3 minutes...
-0.3237 I'm not sure but I think so, I do know that you can have a semester/year abroad in Berlin though so I suppose it *should* be accredited, but again, not sure Anyways good luck!
-0.296 Yea no I get that part I just don't get who that is and what his connection is to that stuff
-0.296 They say, "**We make no distinction between one another of His Messengers**" - and they say, "We hear, and we obey.
-0.1232 Im not sure if this just an Egyptian thing or if its common in other places but this is one way to call somebodycute.
0.0 Link: https://i.redd.it/9evpinskrnyy.png
0.0 I would say El-Gezira Sporting Club
0.0 Uh I don't think I understood the question what do you mean a government chosen by the US, France and Germany?
0.0 Yabasha asl e7na delwa2ty Fe 3onok el zogaga - every Egyptian President ever