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0.9605 I really wish I could be of help sorry, but I wish you the best of luck!!!
0.9337 Yeah they're pretty awesome, in my opinion they're the band that succeeded in capturing the true essence of the Arab spring Revolutions
0.9008 Thanks u/KaTee1234 you're awesome :D
0.8816 Thanks :) yeah I have to pass first though :P
0.8481 Hahaha well I'd put that on my list of blessings to count
0.836 Good luck buddy :)
0.836 Good luck ya man :)
0.7506 Eyyy congrats to your sis, have a blast :)
0.743 What are the chances that he was working for the Russian government to see how security has improved and that was a test?
0.7269 I dunno i thought the girl talking about her exes was pretty funny
0.7239 Me too I was a little surprised tbh, but the good kind of surprised

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-0.7088 Oh what the hell, sign me up!
-0.5267 No idea bas they say there were no casualties el7
-0.3919 Yeah I had the same thought, he doesn't give a rat's ass about human rights violations, if she didn't have the US citizenship she'd still be in prison.
-0.3612 I doubt a conversation about the name of Kim Jong Un's haircut would last more than 3 minutes...
-0.3237 I'm not sure but I think so, I do know that you can have a semester/year abroad in Berlin though so I suppose it *should* be accredited, but again, not sure Anyways good luck!
-0.296 Yea no I get that part I just don't get who that is and what his connection is to that stuff
-0.296 They say, "**We make no distinction between one another of His Messengers**" - and they say, "We hear, and we obey.
-0.1232 Im not sure if this just an Egyptian thing or if its common in other places but this is one way to call somebodycute.
-0.1027 Nah I don't think that law will pass
0.0 Uh I don't think I understood the question what do you mean a government chosen by the US, France and Germany?
0.0 Yabasha asl e7na delwa2ty Fe 3onok el zogaga - every Egyptian President ever
0.0 Hmmm Sounds reasonable