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0.9382 I'm really sorry that happened to your friend, hopefully they'll catch these guys soon, but still thanks for sharing, you take care too
0.9158 Thanks dude and good luck wherever you are :D
0.91 That's great news thanks, congrats on hitting the big 30 as well
0.8945 Wow that's awesome dude props to you for that, I studied physics for a year myself at TUM but I'm gonna change majors next semester, I still love physics though, where did you graduate from?
0.8847 Yeah I mean if you compare it to say Somalia or Zimbabwe or something then sure it'd come out looking fine, but just because something is *relatively* good doesn't mean it's actually good.
0.8555 Yeah sure I understand, again thanks dude :)
0.8481 Sounds fun I'll check out trip advisor thanks :)
0.8176 Welcome, you'll fit right in :)
0.8122 Your wise words are as always deeply appreciated in these times of great distress
0.7964 Hmmm ok, I think I get it now thanks dude :)
0.7964 Hahaha honestly don't know whether to laugh or cry at this point..

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-0.853 I'm not sure tbh, but I doubt it and I doubt they'd let it happen anyways since no one would want to be held accountable if things go south
-0.4215 Guilty of nr.
-0.4019 Hmmm so as I understand it the main problem is public transportation because it affects the prices on everything through a ripple effect, did I get that right?
-0.1207 What activities are there in dahab btw? Where should I stay if I don't want the fancy schmancy hotel experience but rather a lodge or a cabin or something?
0.0 DEO probably
0.0 La totfe2 elshams
0.0 r/Egypt ...
0.0 What about activities?
0.0 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PRw5BCVfOHc there ya go
0.0 [http://i.imgur.com/JsyLbTg.jpg]